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In protest at the participation of Stavropol expected 1.5 thousand byudzhetnikov.

September 12, at 12 o'clock in the Russian city of Stavropol to begin a protest of the budget sphere.

told the news agency REGNUM press secretary of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Stavropolskomu edge Julia Romanova, it is expected that the shares will take approximately 1.5 thousand teachers, doctors and cultural workers. These employees of the public sector of almost all towns and districts of Stavropol. "We do not expect only the delegates from the city Nevinnomysska. There will be carried out independently," - said Julia Romanova.

The action is expected rallies and marches, as well as meeting with representatives of regional authorities.

Despite the fact that the central event organized in Stavropol, such actions will be held in other major cities in the Stavropol region. However, delegates from the cities sent to the regional center.

However, organizers have encountered some problems. "There were areas of agreement on the allocation of buses to bring in Stavropol participants. But coaches were not identified - told the press secretary PNP. - In spite of this, the delegates will still come to Stavropol for their money by shuttle bus." Another problem - it is conducted today, the Ministry of Education, the edge of the opening of a regular computer center. It is also expected to attend the teachers who do not will be at the protest.

told the news agency REGNUM the eve of the trade union committee chairman of the Department of Education Stavropol Dmitry Barykin, protest at the Stavropol Territory and the continuation of a spring strike of teachers. Then, in the Stavropol went on strike for about 3 thousand teachers. This is the regional center of education workers and delegates from cities and regions of Stavropol. By law, the spring action have the right to leave the job and once again declare a strike.

Participants of the All-Russian protest put the economic requirements.

As is known, occurred 11% increase in wages to employees of the public sector. But unions believe this increase insufficient, both because of the increase in the prices of services a real increase was much smaller. In addition to the extraordinary salary in 2005, teachers will also require an increase in scholarships for students and 50% integrated indexing wages in 2006.

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