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Frau Chancellor.

For the first time in Germany will be managed by a woman.

Yesterday, at the Berlin political scene razygralas the final part of a three-week battle for power. Finally it was settled В«question K.В» - the candidate of the future chancellor. Head of the German Christian Democrats 51-year-old protestantke and urozhenke GDR Angela Merkel to become the first ever woman chancellor of Germany.

Serious negotiations were last week between the two leading political forces in Germany - a conservative bloc CDU / CSU led by Angela Merkel and the Social Democratic Party, which was represented by the SPD chairman Franz MГјntefering, and yet still valid bundeskantsler Gerhard Schroeder. By the middle of yesterday, the first diversion of the long-awaited news of the success of Merkel. It did not pass impatient Christian Democrats, be quick to share his joy with the rest of the world. Reports indicated that the CDU / CSU and SPD have agreed on the principles of forming a coalition government.

Later, at separate press conferences of both parties in Berlin on the news about it has been officially declared the winner likuyuschey Frau Merkel.

Representatives SPD busily confirmed this fact.

in Chancery poker game between the В«redВ» (as the Germans call the Social Democrats) and the В«blackВ» (the color of Christian Democrats) seemed endless. The previous round of inter-consultation took place on Sunday evening. Close to midnight, he ended with nothing. Gerhard Schroeder, claiming even the day of elections on 18 September that no other chancellor in Germany will not, continue to persist. Just yesterday, for dinner Schroeder said: В«I will not be at the disposal of the new government of GermanyВ». Translated from political and bureaucratic language meaning of those words was that the Christian Democrats upheld the right of the formation of the new German government over the next four years.

second half "of K." covered shroud of uncertainty - what will engage Gerhard Schroeder after a pass on the case in the Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel? "At this point no decisions have been taken," - said the SPD chairman Franz MГјntefering. Just Schroeder agreed to take part in consultations with representatives of the CDU / CSU on the possibility of forming a coalition government, and no more, the head of the Social Democrats.

in the ranks of the Social Democratic Party of the outgoing chancellor sounds a lot of words of respect, sympathy and support.

With regard to prospects for promotion to vice-chancellor in the government coalition of Schroeder great, as is rumored to have allegedly said: "My life is in a different way." There are speculations that Schroeder prepares chair the Foreign Minister. Note that the post of head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Vice-Chancellor in Germany has always been the same person.

in the SPD are louder voices calling for the return of Schroeder as chairman of the party. He left the post last year under pressure from party colleagues. Official government Bela Anda yesterday did not rule out "that Schroeder has announced its complete withdrawal from the big politics. Meanwhile, the "red-green government operates, Anda said, recalling:" Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder is called. "

But it is clear that Angela Merkel, Education nuclear physicist, had nearly reached its goal - to become the first woman in the history of the German Chancellor.

This political experiment begun five years ago. Then В«My GirlВ» (the so-called loved Angela Merkel old Chancellor Helmut Kohl), a sharp speech at the convention CDU razvenchala В«financial empireВ» of his patron. Party of Christian Democrats needed a fresh wind of change and a new face. So a person to become Merkel, occupied prior to this Vice-President of the party.

В«I feel very goodВ», - fun izrekla Angela Merkel at yesterday's press conference. Now, the daughter of a former priest, Hamburg, moved to East Germany for the sake of lifting the Protestant Church in the communist east, vozneslas at the top of the top. Merkel's first В«changedВ» nuclear physics in 35 years - after the fall of the Berlin Wall, it began to work in the eastern German Civil Initiative В«democratic breakthroughВ». At first it was В«a girl-washerВ», but in a couple of months, it was appointed to the post of press secretary last East German government, which had the task of the literacy process of political bankruptcy of the state of workers and peasants. At the age of 36 years in the united Germany Frau Merkel became the Minister of the Environment in the Government of Chancellor Kohl's (when he called her В«chickenВ»). In 1998, she inherited the post of party General Secretary of the CDU - Merkel became the first woman to hold this position.

Under the existing rules in a few weeks at the first meeting of the Bundestag Frau Merkel to be elected to the office of Chancellor of the Federal Parliament deputies.

This is a purely symbolic act - this is the CDU / CSU has albeit minimal, but the advantage of four seats. Yesterday's gentleman's agreement with the Social Democrats on the В«matter K.В» a guarantee that the sensations of candidate to head the Cabinet, which is actually a German chancellor, will not be.

In the coming days, both parties will begin negotiations on forming a coalition government. At the pre-bargaining social democrats ministerial posts were allocated to a certain В«StockВ» as a reward for agreeing to give the post of Chancellor and did not qualify for the post of President of the Bundestag. As stated by the Social Democrats, their future grand coalition government allocated eight ministerial posts - foreign affairs, finance, justice, labor, health, transport, technology and development, and environmental protection. Only over time will become clear how hard Frau Chancellor will be delayed in tight В«redВ» cast of demonized partner of the SPD.

representatives of the CDU / CSU will get seats Chancellor and President of the Bundestag, as well as lead the Department of Defense, Internal Affairs, the economy (this portfolio to be given to the Prime Minister of Bavaria Edmund Stoiber), agriculture Families, as well as education.

Christian Democrat ministers in the future government Frau Merkel will be two less than the form of the party of Social Democrats.

himself a set of future positions, trustees SPD clearly said that Germany was too early to write-off of В«redВ» social-democratic policies in its desire to implement the principle of universal social justice. In the future, В«black and redВ» government conservatives will have to adapt to the social rate defined by the current government is still Chancellor Schroeder.

Yuri Shpak, Berlin

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