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Germany - Russia: Dialogue selhozmashinostroiteley zavyazalsya, tensions remained.

In Moscow, I had completed its work of an international symposium of agricultural producers in Russia and Germany.

"The biggest risk for the German company now - it does not work in Russia," - with this statement began by Chairman of the Working Group on the APC in the East Committee of German Economy Franz-Georg von Busse. This is despite the fact that, in his view, to work in Russia by German manufacturers equipment for agriculture is difficult. First, high customs duties on components and assemblies. The second, which the German side, slows down the penetration of the Russian market by German technology - the prohibition of foreigners to participate in the federal leasing system. A fair competition is necessary.

However, the sense of fair competition parties understood in different ways. Here's what the President said "Soyuzagromasha" Konstantin Babkin. "Imports of agricultural equipment in Russia is growing at 60% per year. The Russian market is open to it. Too open. And the competition here is not always an honest one. See for yourself. For example, in Germany there Agency Hermes, which subsidizes exports. Or to the "Topaz", which operates in Eastern Europe. The meaning of it is that it subsidizes the purchase of the German agricultural country, formerly belonging to the CMEA.

It is ousting Russia from its traditional markets in these countries and former Soviet republics such as Lithuania, Latvia.

So far talk about fair competition does not occur.

But there are other examples. The Director-General Ralph Bendish factory "KLAAS", built in the Krasnodar confidently declares that it is already a domestic manufacturer. "We are a Russian legal entity and will soon become a member of the Soyuzagromasha." By the way, the plant has made since the opening of 200 machines, and now at the plant site was 1. But he has already bought. His main task Ralph Bendish today finds building in Russia components and assemblies.

"We want to combine" KLAAS "to be, so to speak, otechestvennizatsii, so that prices and delete it and not lose quality."

some clarity to the debate made Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russia Sergei Mitin. "In December, the Government will review the situation in the agricultural machinery. Of course, would be affected and the problem of customs duties and taxes." Very gently, but quite clearly Sergei Gerasimovich touched and foreign participation in the system Rosagrolizinga. In his view, this structure should have to deal not only with Russian equipment, but also turned the country into a polygon, which is dominated by foreign cars, the Government does not intend to.

The first meeting is over, the problems remain, and deal with them now going to the parties to "Green Week" trade fair, which will take place in Berlin early next year.

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