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Evidence recovery business.

At the Rostov market office building boom: after two years of operation will be introduced at least 10 modern business centers of different classes.

In the meantime, companies have to have offices in the restored buildings, the former design institutes and in newly built residential buildings.

Demand for office space in Rostov-on-Don, Russia remains a stable and high note realtors. Popular small business offices in the city center area of 50 sq. km. m to 100 sq. km. the availability of parking meters. More often than not, such facilities are located in restored buildings transferred from the non-residential housing in the fund, said Specialist of Business Property Academy "Nirlan Dennis Zaitsev. Agree with him director of the title of "Eugene Sosnitsky: Offices in converted residential buildings are relevant because at the heart of decent business centers yet, a large customer flows." Demand remains and offices in the sleeping areas of the city. Here, do not go out of fashion an apartment on the first floor, transferred to the Fund for non-residential and office space in new buildings.

According to Zaitsev, 80% of office space leased and the number of sales offices slightly.

"office trying to buy an apartment - it is cheaper and cheaper ($ 700-1000 per 1 square. meters), but in general, is popular for rent" - agreed with him Deputy Director Center for Real Estate Southern District Eugene Tenishev. Market participants say that compared to the spring of this year, the rental rate for 1 square. m of office space has increased by 10-15%. Rental of office on the outskirts would cost $ 10-15 per 1 square. m and in the center - $ 20-28 per 1 square. m per month.

In the next two years, the park office in Rostov-on-Don added, not only quantitatively but also qualitatively: under construction at least 10 new business centers class C, B and B +. In late 2005, will be put into building the business center of "Crystal" at the Kirov prospect of the total area of 6000 square meters. m, construction of which is the company "Elvest. According to head of sales Alexandra Zilina, in the 11-story building provides air conditioning, fiber-optic network, parking. Some offices have already sold, their owners have become CCI field, "Rostovoblgaz," said Zhilin. According to the company's "Home", the average price of 1 square. m Crystal averaging $ 1200.

Just four facilities built in the central part of the company "RostStroyInvest.

first summer of next year will be put into operation 17-storey business center "Millennium" area 23 000 sq. km. m at the crossing street. Tekucheva and trans. Cathedral, Director of Marketing "RostStroyInvesta Vadim Laptev. The project provides an underground parking lot, the first three floors will take a shopping area, while the rest will accommodate offices. According Lapteva, investor in the project supports company CSG property ", which implies in the future donate space for rent. Naming investment payback periods and the expected rental rates in the real estate CSG refused. There is a strategic investor and a business center "Guards" (the total area of 23 000 sq. M, parking for about 300 car seats, putting into operation - IV Quarter 2006), which "RostStroyInvest" building near the Palace of Sports. Laptev not specify the name of the company, noting only that it was "a major Moscow-structure." A offices in the complex labor reserves "and" Rostov "total area of 36 000 sq. km. m "RostStroyInvest sells its own at a price of 35 000-48 000 rubles. 1 square. m. We sold 30% of the "Manpower" and 25% - in Rostov, "said Laptev.

Offices and sold at the business center "merchant yard, construction of which the street. Serafimovicha is "SK galaxy."

According to the manager who wanted to remain unnamed, "merchant yard" is positioned as a set of "high level of comfort", trade galleries and offices will occupy almost 23 000 square meters. m, and in the underground parking area of the house at the 93-car field. Date of completion - III quarter of 2006, but nearly half the land has been sold - for example, the first and second floors will Rostov branch of the Moscow Industrial Bank. Now the company offers office space at a cost of 36 000 rubles. 1 square. m and parking space - 750 000 rubles.

In the long run in the local market of commercial real estate offices and will be Class A

Building Concern Pokrovskii "in the second half of next year to begin construction of the business center of class A common area of more than 18 000 square meters. m and cost $ 20 million

According to the head of marketing and advertising Andrew Babanov, it provides a central air-conditioning system, optical-fiber communications. Offices will close

10 000 sq. km. m, while the remaining part will be a conference hall, shopping gallery, a cafeteria, restaurant, parking for about 80 seats. The premises will be rented, but with the price not yet determined, said Babanov. The goal is that the construction of the complex will be completed by the end of 2007

How much office space will be in demand, realtors opinions were divided. Offices with a good infrastructure is gradually being introduced and demand will remain high, as the old office space "exhausted" and "steel neuyutnymi" explains Zaicev from Nirlana. But in the view of Tenisheva of the Southern District, builders overestimated demand and after two years will be a surplus of office space.

Oksana Lebedeva

Vedomosti - Rostov-on-Don

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