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Square meters has become more and prices are still rising.

Construction companies in Rostov-on-Don increasing build housing (in the first half surrendered more than 250 000 sq. M), but the Realtors noted that prior to the market saturation is still far and will continue to rise.

However, the number of investment and speculative transactions are gradually declining.

In the first half of the estimated realtors, the demand for new buildings higher than the offer by 5-10%.

some exceptions have been the first spring months, when market participants watched a lull. "Builders have lowered sales and buyers were waiting for the fall in prices," - explains a specialist in new real estate agency Terra Elena Epifanova. But in late April has been quite clear that lowering the cost of one square meter is not in sight, and the demand curve popolzla up again, said the manager of real estate agency "Realty Center Olga Leontieva. A director of "Home" Eugene Sosnitsky, by contrast, said the stability of sales in the spring, and their decline in June. He connects it to the decrease in the volume of investment transactions in the real estate market.

"The number of private investors who invest in the building for resale, are not growing as fast as before," - agrees Leontieva. "The yield from this investment will stabilize: If last year's net annual income of 20-25% this year, the estimated yield was 10-15%", - said deputy general director of "landlord" Oleg Ivchenko. While, in general, investment in real estate remains a promising business, "said Deputy Director Center for Real Estate Southern District Eugene Tenishev. It is estimated that the market in new pereprodaetsya up to 40% of apartments.

Another factor reducing the volume of sales realtors called the law on share construction.

According Sosnitskogo, his lack of prorabotannost put obstacles in attracting co. But Ivchenko acknowledges that the lack of some construction workers registered with the Ministry of Justice sharing contracts in the construction "seriously reduced the percentage shall be in company sales." It is equally difficult to account for and by builders. While construction of the facility, documents are drawn up before April 1, but at the end of this year - early next builders face the challenges, said Ivchenko. In his view, this may affect the amounts of input in the operation of housing.

However, builders have found a way to avoid the administrative barriers, instead of entering into agreements on sharing investment in the construction contract, which does not require compulsory registration. "There are still options - said Sosnitsky - to build on the borrowed funds, which will naturally lead to higher prices, either to build on their money, but to invest the money so long, developers have not yet been solved."

The average price of new buildings for the first half grew by 15-20%.

And first of all this has contributed to increase in the cost of building materials, say realtors. In the largest segment of housing price growth Tenishev points on 1-bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments, the cost of 1 sq. km. m, which is 16 000-20 000 rubles. A housing increased consumer characteristics, according to the Sosnitskogo, went up by 35-40%. The average price of 1 square. m of such housing is estimated at $ 1,000, business class - $ 800-850.

most expensive proposal of Realtors called the apartment from the construction of the "Protection". Complex Rostov-City ", according to the majority of them really are the elite. The complex includes two 16-story frame houses and monolithic four 23-storey "candles," says director of sales of the group Sergey Radygin. Elite, he also calls the construction of residential complex "Pushkin. According to Sosnitskogo, in these complexes are the first in Rostov penthouses. Sales in the Rostov-City "and" Pushkin "come at a price of 30 000 to 42 000 rubles. 1 square. m. Radygin considers the price reasonable, as well as housing will be located in the historic city center, used in the construction of modern technology, and the contractor in favor Serbian construction company. The houses will be equipped with elevators OTIS, guard, parking. "Want to buy an elite housing in the city is enough - Radygin said. - Most of the apartments and penthouses have already sold. "

But the most widespread is the demand for housing model.

now actively building in the neighborhood Temernik and Chkalovsky, said Epifanova.

Here you can find the most affordable housing cost of 11 000 to 16 000 rubles. 1 square. m in a panel house.

Typically, these apartments are sold by developers, adds Tenishev.

In the unanimous opinion of market participants, the next price increase pervichku can be expected by September.

But if the manufacturers of building materials did not prepare another surprise, a large jump in prices will not summarize Tenishev.

According to the mayor's office in Rostov-on-Don, in the first half of 2005, put into operation 256 200 square meters. m housing (108% compared to the same period in 2004), including 153 600 sq. km. m in high-rise buildings, 102 of 600 sq. km. m in individual homes. In 2004, it was built 581 400 sq. km. m (115% to the level of 2003), and in 2005, is scheduled to put into operation 620 000 square meters. m of housing. The total area of housing in Rostov-on-Don about 19-20 million square meters. m. Officially recognized shabby apartment buildings with total area of 823 100 square kilometers. m.

Oksana Lebedeva

Source: Official

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