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Schroeder, Putin has brought a gift, a surprise birthday.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin today for the eighth time since the beginning of the year, met with German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, who came to congratulate the Russian leader on his birthday - Putin today turned 53 years old.

Schroeder - one of the most frequent interlocutors Putin among world leaders. Today in the Konstantinovsky Palace near St. Petersburg, they spend thirty-seventh meeting.

It looked at the Kremlin, Schroeder will use the occasion to talk to Putin about the internal situation in Germany after the parliamentary elections.

"We expect that the Chancellor will inform the president about the prospects of forming a new coalition government," - said a source in the Kremlin. "For Russia, deepen mutually beneficial and diverse ties with Germany - a major foreign policy priority for any configuration of the future German government - underscored the high-ranking Kremlin official. - The intensity and the credibility of bilateral political dialogue at all levels - one of the key factors in Russian-German strategic partnership."

"Emphasis will be placed on trade and economic and energy component of the bilateral cooperation, including implementation of agreements leading energokontsernov the two countries to build a North-European gas pipeline," - added interlocutor.

central account in the negotiations will also be given to strengthening international security, the implementation of the summit, Russia - the EU, which this week took place in London. "The structure of the bilateral relations play a significant role today, and contacts through the regions, municipalities, non-governmental organizations and representatives of civil society - the source stressed. - In particular, 1-3 December this year in St. Petersburg is scheduled to hold the fifth session of the Russian-German public forum "Petersburg Dialogue", an initiative of the establishment of which belonged to the Russian President and the Chancellor of Germany. "

"The volume of trade turnover between Russia and Germany in 2004 reached a record level - 23.9 billion dollars", - the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"Germany - our major trading partner - the Russian diplomat stressed. - Its share in our foreign trade is more than 10 percent."

In the first half of this year's trade volume has increased over the same period of 2004 to 46.3 percent and amounted to 15.3 billion dollars. In September, in the presence of Putin and Schroeder, the Russian Gazprom and the German concern E. ON AG and BASF signed an agreement on the construction of the North-European gas pipeline. It will be held on the bottom of the Baltic Sea, linking Vyborg with severogermanskim Grayfsvaldom, and directly, without the mediating countries, linking Russia and Germany.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin hopes that the contacts between Russia and Germany will remain at a high level regardless of the future German government. "I would like to contact us at the summit level and between ministries and departments without interruption in spite of any internal political events," - said the head of the Russian state with German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. "I know we all know how difficult to develop inter-political events in Germany," - said Putin.

Schroeder said that Germany and all the internal forces in Germany are interested in strategic relations with Russia. "There is a deep conviction of all those whom I said that regardless of what will change (after the elections), will provide a high degree of continuity in relations with Russia, as all are convinced of the importance of strategic relations between Russia and Germany, Russia and Europe "- Putin, Schroeder said. The Chancellor said that the visit to St. Petersburg for two reasons: "The need for strategic relations with Russia - the first of them. The second motive for Schroeder called Putin's greetings on his birthday."

Chancellor of Germany has brought the Russian President Vladimir Putin a gift, which "is related to the interests of Putin and Germany, and Putin is counting on a quick meeting with Schroeder.

Schroeder refused to answer journalists' questions, that he gave the Russian President on the day of birth. "This is a surprise, could not say earlier how vruchu gift, but it is relevant to the interests of Putin and Germany - said the Chancellor. Replying to a question addressed by Schroeder, when the leaders of the two countries uvidyatsya again, smiling Putin responded: "Soon!"

Federal Chancellor informed the President of Russia, that the probability of the formation of two large parties of the coalition government in Germany is great. At the same time, Gerhard Schroeder has refused to talk about the candidacy of the future chancellor in the presence of journalists, but said that "something tells Vladimir Putin."

on Thursday in Berlin ended negotiations leading CDU / CSU and SPD, but the results are not given. Neither the current chancellor, nor any other of its members - the candidate for chancellor of Germany from the CDU / CSU chairman of the CDU, Angela Merkel and CSU chairman, Prime Minister of Bavaria Edmund Stoiber and the SPD chairman Franz MГјntefering - were not informed of the contents of the conversation. This was achieved through a special arrangement.

Consultation on the "doubles" would continue, although the time before the promised date of publishing the results of the participants - the beginning of next week - to bleed.

Moreover, on Friday and Saturday, the parties are unlikely to be able to complete the composition of the negotiating table: Schroeder 7-8 October, will be located on a working visit to Russia, which will be held in St. Petersburg. There is Sunday. That was reported by ITAR-TASS news agency.

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