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In the province banned build it! Until ....

That's up to Stavropol dokatilas a wave of scandals and skandalchikov related to illegal construction.

Here we are catching Moscow and Sochi. However, so far unknown to the main characters of this timely action to date. They remain - although, as always - for the frame.

chief state sanitary doctor edges Nikolai Kovalev from 1 October its decision to temporarily prohibit the issuance of permits for building in the regional center, Piatigorsk and the Philippines.

chaotic, and therefore dangerous to build new homes in the area of children's and sports grounds is prohibited and territorial Rospotrebnadzor on Stavropolskomu edge. Finally we heard the power of the inhabitants of those towns, but the problems have not yet been reduced. «We walked around all the classrooms officials - said Igor Markelov, chairman of protest organized by the residents committee. - Talked about the disastrous situation and irreversible process, which entails illegal, contrary to the rules of construction. Potentially dangerous even conflict, and potential social explosion. And he certainly will be, if not solve the problem now. The ordinance states that «the ban will apply until the administration of Stavropol, Pyatigorsk and Kislovodsk not to submit the master plan of urban development». Wonderful. And what to do with the children's playgrounds, which have already been affected? Some of the buildings suspended. But as soon as babuli stop with posters walk, work will resume.

halted construction in the territories, which are in close proximity to residential buildings, one can distinguish using inventory numbers of all land, experts believe.

This number should be in every residential building. Then, and no questions would arise. In the meantime, the protest committee is waiting for the authorities of the paper, in which all have already started and stalled construction, the ongoing violation of the construction and sanitary norms and rules. People demand that clients pulled a wall and covered trenches.

the meantime,

Larek instead of a fountain

On Monday, residents of homes izumlennym seen number number 401 and 399 on Lenin Street appeared this picture: they are directly under the windows of a team working beginning dig the foundations of new shopping center in miniature - big here no place.

- Builders raskovyryali our lawn. His shop someone decided to just under the maple, kashtanom and tuey. The trees grow in the five meters from each other, and directly between them vtiskivayut structure. This is certainly vyrubyat trees. And over time, and the fountain will close, spray which saves us from the summer heat, - said pensioner Alexander Kornienko.

By the way, the sleeping residents of the neighborhood all the products provided, even in excess of: in the neighborhood are three large grocery store. A fountain near the already have a shop, which because of unprofitability recently been closed. However, permission to build another unnecessary larka there.

However, residents of one line was not clear: «It is possible without the permission of the state vnevedomstvennoy examination».

- Events will be developed in such a way - suggested a resident of Alexander Kudinova. - First vyrubyat trees and put the shop on the lawn, then srovnyayut fountain to the ground, because it will disturb them, and eventually, once formed tridtsatimetrovaya playground, vpihnut here next mnogoetazhku.


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