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From the mud in the prince.

Andrew «Prince» Kniazev: «Punk - is part of the image».

Group «The King and The Jester» plays a painful metal, but argues that it is - punk rock: tineydzhery believe. Another group argues that outside of show business, dictating its conditions tour managers and record companies, and that raskrutilas it without any media support. This brings the memory of a group: a stadium for the first time brought together all the same only in the 1999-meters, and a clip «If meat guys» then have krutilsya on MTV, and opened in the same year «Our radio» from the first day of broadcasting the team gave the songs on the air . While it is generally the case «King and jester» said that the so-called independent scene in the country we have - what one deserves this, and we have.

Michael «pot» Gorshenev:

- Why do you think that the "King and Joker" is playing punk rock? Our country has been the group "Gaza Strip" ...

- what we play? Punk-rock - it is a very great music! Clash and the Sex Pistols - that you narrow the presentation! What are you talking about our country? We ÍÁÔÏÍ rugayutsya - it is considered a punk-roi! "Leningrad" with us punk!

P. .. dets! You can actually sleep with boredom twenty seconds! "Gaza Strip" has not been a wave of punk-rock! He did not understand the music! He took the group Queen, wrote the above "x ..." - And all! And we have - specific stories! Like Gogol, like Edgar On! I have no collective-farm punk! I pridurok good, good sense, you know ..

- How to promote the image of a non-profit and club level team to the All-Union level? The shady mechanics are very interesting ...

- I'm sorry I was, and the clubs are not allowed! And now we no more concerts around the country were not playing, I am sorry! It is "commercial-profit"? Do you have some critical openok, sorry for me! As probeshsya as you can go this way, and play! The people! The people need to pull up! Here are the people, no advertising - we pushed people! The only radio, which we can support - is "My Radio", and Misha Kozyrev, sorry I was when he said that we will not act with "anarchist", we said: "Well, go on the x ...!" Do not have any ÂÁÂÌÁ! Need more to go, so that the people you saw it! Never for anything we do not pay! If you want to - we only paid for the tickets, the way all!

- Not proud to speak at a festival with Zemfira and "Aquarium" by exploiting such nonkonformistsky image?

- I f anarchist as I can someone to exploit? We collect large piles of people, without us the festival will not be a huge audience the people! The people! I am a creator, a creator, you know? Do not you understand? This is very bad, it means you missed something in this life. TSS-REC. I do it because I like to sculp ...

- do not understand. What model - the audience? ..

- Lepit! Sculpture, painting, like plasticine, figurines, paint me! .. I do a theme! I love you, check that you are for the people. Maybe you and understand. I will not go on ..., you know, no? But I will not go on ...!

- In my opinion, if you are punk, then you should speak to their garage. I am in Moscow, these groups know - concerts for ten people play ...

- And say - customized for the big speech grandmother 'also for their'! They simply can not go really - they are unused. We are in demand, but it is not commerce, because I have all the commerce toptayu feet! I hate it! And I will kill themselves one day, really kill! For ideas!

- What ideas?

- Why is dead, Jesus Christ, tell me? Out of compassion!

- That is, if you pomresh, then this someone will be easier?

- No, it will be easier.

- This is escapism, not compassion ...

- Just do not tell me some of this garbage! That's just the point - that I fear this! I never pomru! Everything!

- we can continue after the concert? ..

- I do not think so, because I will be even more evil.

Andrew «Prince» Kniazev:

- I have tried to talk to the Gorshkov ... Did not understand, such as punks, even in the clubs are not allowed, ÒÁÓËÒÕÔÉÌÉÓ? to stadiums.

- about "clubs are not allowed" ... This in ÐÏÍÉÎÅ was not - it was once a very long time. About the "punks" ... Punk - it is more of the image. We are so okleymili first, but we do not deny.

- the media is okleymili. Without the media you can get, no radio, no advertising?

- There was no advertising! Even when our first solo album in St. Petersburg gathered d / s "Jubilee" four years ago (in 1999, before 20 thousand spectators - MK-Boulevard). Just then the media was nowhere to go: stupid not to write about the group, which is actually run. And before that we had his own pride, and if we are sent somewhere, we have to respond.

- Pot told a strange phrase: "Misha Kozyrev we send to the s.. '"

- Nothing strange there. We want to see us treated humanely, but not in commercially. 'Our radio "believed that they had a" King and Shutu "strong support, but little has changed since we began to twist on the radio. There is not such that we are somehow obliged to. Therefore, we do not want to accept some their conditions, that's all.

- And so, or who you know in such masses?

- I can tell you that the chip ... Pirates: they must be fought, third, fifth, tenth, and all that ... And in fact, pirates, we have had and the service: when I first arrived in Belarus, I have found our album. No distribution then, of course, was not.

- Punk traditional copyright does not recognize. Our edition also supports the pirates. As forces.

- No, we do not support. We are going to sue one of the pirated firms. Do not we, and our company ...

- And where is the sequence: first, because pirates, you become known, and now - instead of gratitude? ..

- Well, tried something we will not - we have a got a record company: they hinder pirates. And then, the pirates pirates discord: I saw on sale, these discs, even becoming embarrassed by the cover. What a naked woman is placed on brooms, and an album called "Plush Baba." And a selection of songs - a complete delusion: nahapali ... And Che now?

- According to muzzle, probably ...

- Well. If they make a ... When a really good edition of the hands will get, then too - the pirates are not pirates ... And when such a stand - but really ...

- Listen, but as you went to all the cities and vesyam such independent and poor?

- Not all cities and vesyam - far we could not get ... Before the advent of our directors Gordeyev four years ago. It is all a matter razrulil. First, we went almost at his own expense - if it was a kidalovo, we'll fight in the Leslie ... Gordeyev correctly struggling to some promoters there did not dare to throw musicians.

- You say that punk - is part of the image. I looked at Gorsheneva ...

- Actually it at this point is useless to argue! With pot really punk - it does not take away from him. Who are we really punk - that he, and he will die for it.

- For me, punk is all the same Protest and frequent social song, but this gothic strashilki about nekromantov and hobbitov ...

- A human, there is little protest songs? .. We just ÐÒÅÄÏÓÔÁÔÏÞÎÏ this protest. Only there is no objection to the social theme - we reject the policy of immediately: we live in their environment, we do not want Mara, Politics - it intrigues, stand ...

- A show-business, that - no intrigue, no stand? ..

- And we are in show business was not located. Let's investigate. Show business - it is the system: actor enters into a contract with the company. A performer is the producer. Producer leads the team: if he believes that a commercially profitable way to send a team - so directs. There is no producer, and never has been: there are two leaders in the group - pot and I, and there are Gordeyev - director.

- and with record companies like? Bring material: take? Does not go in ÖÏÐÕ?

- Only in this way.

-A tour? ..

- There are people with whom we have relationships, not commercial, but purely friendly. There is a Mel'nikov ... And its touring company. There is not such that: "Guys, you have something prodrochili, you should" - or: "Melnikov, a grandmother-pay, or ..." No such garbage. Mel'nikov we can offer: "Well, what, man, through polgolika at Luzhniki zaparim? .." Well, all cases of raskladam on it, and with us - the performance. We conditions: make beautiful posters, biletiki. And this rigmarole - on a radio prosunut, etc. - are all in it. We all say we want to see a concert held ...

- Here's your concert with Exploited passed, according to eyewitnesses, the cheers: you do not stand on my legs ...

-That was quite a bit, but for youth. At present, we do not allow ourselves to go in drezinu. No Kayf not to do so. A ban us, no one can: you will - nazhremsya, and nobody can tell us nothing. We collect people, we have made ourselves, and therefore we do not care who it belongs to both. Although I'd prefer that it was all drayvovo, not some drunken romp. Here is a decided show business or not. From the very beginning saying publicly that the show business - it is shit. and we run into this system is not going to.

- Listen, if you are pozovut some guys to play with them for unprofessional punk festival for the idea, for free?

- More. We like to have organized by topic, we Melnikovym zamorachivaemsya on these issues. We and so every year organize punk festivals and invite a couple of teams. And as you said - it should find out whether there is any illegal garbage. Every manager is now understood that the "King and Joker" ... And if the number of people that we have to give, pay him to fuck babok, on what basis we will be playing for free? Understand the system? ..

- I understand. It is reasonable.

- Well, what about!

Dmitry Tkachev

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