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В«Previously wrote the music for the people, and now for the show-businessВ».
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Fisting: technique, posture, and other useful tips.
In Volgograd, a brothel covered with "mature" prostitutes.
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Humane bastard.

В«The King and The JesterВ» Gumanny bastard.

I first heard that, as he coughs. Scary, loud, natuzhno. Then the pot fell from the porch - shaggy, potertom in a leather coat - and coughed three hours, out of breath and prigibayas helplessly to the ground. В«What is it with you?В» - Ask. В«BronchitisВ», - is responsible. We (the pot, his girlfriend, a press attache KiSh and I) sank in a huge jeep and went for some shooting.

BRAVO: You tusovalsya with punks in the basement?

Pot: I graduated from college, and gradually became authoritative punk. We have created В«The King and The JesterВ». We zavisali with a group of В«VibratorsВ» buildings Hermitage. We have there been instrumental room, where we played, zhrali, Perli that succeeded.

BRAVO: Right in the buildings?

Pot: Yes. I then went away from home. Prince, Balu and Poruchik also left home. But Prince sosisochki wanted to eat and came back the next day. Others, too, then returned. Still «Vibrators» I am. There are no such punks. We lohovatye, were dirty. Walked there, with mentami wee ... s, well ÏÆÉÇÅÎÎÏ it. (terrible coughs)

BRAVO: And what your parents about that?

Pot: The mother is okay. A father did not like that I am doing music.

Now he, of course, was proud of me. But to my way of life still belongs bad - because I have so remained. Only now I have to help parents become. More money to get ... (thinks). Sometimes, I sleep in the clothes come from a concert, only to take off shoes ...

BRAVO: Do you really like to wear, and where that is, what to drive?

pot: That's just the point that I do not like to wear. I can not put all x .. nude. That is all. I can not put any stupid clothes and walk in it. This is another case (shown in his leather coat) - a specially commissioned by sewed.

BRAVO: And what you have written here?

pot: Anarchy, what else.

BRAVO: Is it true that you married?

Pot: Yes.

BRAVO: Like punk can be married?

Pot: What a delusion? We also have a punk level. Punk, he does not eat shit. He was not greedy, he may raskinutsya Babkov, may well somewhere to work. This is not those who soplyami head mazhut. We are in St. Petersburg, and those were, but there were also those who walked in the skin. Even then, it was split caste. And we were bald. Pankov, they may be lysymi. This ultra punks. Fashionable, that it is ... We are now lower.

BRAVO: My wife has no objection to your lifestyle?

Pot: Yes, it is the same as me.

BRAVO: And how did you get?

pot: She came to us at the concert, when we were still in the clubs. People were few. I noticed it.

BRAVO: Why did you take drugs?

Pot: (groan) Well, I do not know. It was interesting to try. And watch how people can cope by becoming a drug addict. Beat themselves and to stop use. It is still all that interesting.

BRAVO: Do you often in the fight there?

Pot: Do not! Previously, fought with his tusovkoy. Continuing muzzle was nabitaya. And then, when I became a star, quiet (very sad). In fact, I regret that the time has gone. I have less derus. Better not to enter into conflicts. Do you think I am toothy? Each sleeve - a piece of tooth, each head - a piece of tooth, each beer mug, kinutaya at a distance of five meters ... Also at the scene. I sing, dergayu head. Udarayus teeth on the microphone. I always put teeth. You think I do not have money? Money, I have to fig. I have always been inserted. We simply do not have time.

BRAVO: You do not like to be a star?

Pot: No, I do not like to be a star. I like the people at our concerts go to the horseradish. And I myself would like to live like then. But it does not work. (very sad) You know, right?

BRAVO: If you are not interested in money, why give so much of concerts? You do not sleep for several days. Kashlyaesh so awful ...

Pot: I do not think about yourself. I would have been sufficient 10 concerts per month. But the same people are asked to come. That is the case. They come, are invited. Che, refuse or what?

BRAVO: But you relax uspevaesh?

Pot: This is just in bed. Fell and relax.

BRAVO: A hangouts in clubs?

Pot: Is it relaxation! They also need to not see what you ... To see that you are strict and severe, but not what you actually do. You know, right? (long silence) Pankom be easy, you know? They also have not quite moral, and some some pride.

BRAVO: What does that mean - the pride of punk? What punk proud?

Pot: This is, I tell you about myself! This is my pride! Meanwhile, and be proud of, that is.

Here we have to approach the hotel. Prince appears with a girl. Seats in the jeep there.

Prince (strongly): Pot! Come out of the car!

pot: Zalezayte in the trunk!

spokesman: We wait for you. Catch a car for fifty kopecks.

Prince pot and enjoy the meeting as children. Pot tickles your girl under the chin, tonenko prigovarivayu: В«Small Chinese young ChineseВ». All laugh. We go further.

BRAVO: Do you want children? This will not prevent you to be a punk musician?

pot: M-m-m ... Yes god sake ... But I would not like anyone to give life. In the sense that I am myself a white light does not feel very pridumyvayu and all the chips in order to survive. Nothingness. There lovely than here. Do you feel there is nothing, just sleeping. And here - feel the pain. You can not imagine how many unfortunate people in reality. I have - compassion. This is the main line of my morality. Compassion to another, so that it really helped. How do people suffer! How are they afraid of life!

BRAVO: Do you really helped someone?

pot: his wife help.

BRAVO: What happened to her?

Pot: Yes, all. I have a lot of whom who helped. Prostitutes saved, that they are not trahnula heap vzbesivshihsya Bolvanov from peredoza saved people. On my account ten men. And saved from strashneyshih peredozov. I know how to save the man when he was already nearly dead.

BRAVO: Your new album is called В«It is a pity there is no gunВ». Do you really want someone perestrelyat?

Pot: The gun is sometimes necessary. Why do you think that it is not to protect?

BRAVO: Punk more attacking than protected.

Pot: None. Punk defended and protected. If this is any real combat brigade punks, they protect the small hmyryat to stand up for themselves can not. At least, our gang to do.

pot mutno looks at a press attache and says: В«And there is something to drink?В»

spokesman: buy now.

pot: You can drink the blood.

BRAVO: Blood of a pop star.

Pot: Yes, all those bastards. Take all in one Kuchko, make a round ball, and then run and kick ... No, to beat any patsana of show business, I would be a pity. I derus only when I was attacked. (suddenly) You know, as the article would be called?


pot: Gumanny bastard.

BRAVO: Why did bastard?

Pot: Well, I have ublyudnichayu. But I am in good ublyudnichayu. Bastard - are one hundredth jester. Joker - this is my god. I invented it back in college. He helped me a lot of what he helped me so far. He explained to me a lot. He showed me a lot. He told me that do not have to kompleksovat, ashamed of their movements. You can look in the mirror and peretsya of what a person I can do.

BRAVO: You have been lonely, and you invented it?

Pot: No, just a fool. It could find itself does. It can show itself. Was shy. Very shy. That's it ... I can not now take you to the entire open. But it would be good if I was not born. And was always there, in the nothingness. You know, right?

BRAVO: How do you saved from drugs?

pot: Spasli? In this regard, you are only able to save themselves. Here You can salvation - is a lie. Deceive his alter ego. I am really tired of these delusions. And second I do not care, this is an old habit. And it just inside the mad shodit.Prosto go mad. You know, right?

Natalia Nehlebova / BRAVO

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