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KOZAKtsky captive.

If the authorized representative and the south will lose his position, then only because of the money.

leaders of the North Caucasus region began to open and vigorous campaign to counter the «treacherous» designs presidential authorized representative Dmitry Kozak, the introduction of external control in the subsidized regions of southern Russia.

The logic of this idea, the authorized representative is very clear and true: if the Moscow region to pay 80-90% of the total local budget, it can expect in response loyalty and support of its policies.

But leaders of the region are at this point a dissenting opinion.

Yesterday, the president of Chechnya Alu Alhanov observed year since his inauguration. In this regard, in Grozny appeared stretch, reminiscent of that date, with portraits Alhanova, Prime Minister Sergei Abramov and First Deputy Prime Minister Ramzan Kadyrov (the latter, by the way, yesterday was 29 years old). Alu Alhanov himself, speaking to reporters, said that Chechnya continues to insist on the transfer of licenses for the extraction of oil in the country «Grozneftegazu» and expressed sharp disagreement with the prevailing view that Chechnya is vysokodotatsionnym region. «Chechnya budget is 10 billion dollars - stressed Alhanov - and the cost of crude oil annually in Chechnya - 15 billion. And talk about that, we sit solely on grants and other assistance, are not true ». This, in essence, an open challenge to Dmitry Kozak.

Note that the previously announced «inexpediency» introduction of external management head of Ingushetia Murat Zyazikov. And this is despite the fact that Ingushetia is the second - after Tuva - a place in the list of the most subsidized regions (the percentage of transfers in the budget - 88.3%). It is no coincidence that it is Ingushetia and Dagestan named among the candidates for the administration Dmitry Kozak at the meeting in the Kremlin on 23 September this year However, even the governors of relatively prosperous Kuban and Stavropol, oppose such steps.

Governor of the Krasnodar Territory Alexander Tkachev pointedly remarked that Moscow «impossible to effectively manage the regions», as the head of Stavropol Alexander Montenegro expressed even more clearly: «Moscow policies prevent us from work».

Those who interferes, it seems, has successfully cleared. A few days ago from his post was sacked chief federal inspector for the Krasnodar region and Adygea Anatoly Odeychuk. Apparently, the resignation of President Odeychuka insisted Adygea Hazret Sovmen, who had earlier personally Dmitry Kozak said that it was impossible to continue working with Odeychukom. The main fault of the inspector that he called the critical situation in Adygeya, and inefficient management. According to the Odeychuka, receives from the federal treasury 2,8 bln. And is earning just 200 million note that it is distributed in Adygea loud voice against the various initiatives of the Southern polpredstva - for example, to unite the regions, municipal reform, and more e. Moreover, in recent years in the country significantly increased activity close to the power of organizations seeking recognition of Moscow's genocide adygo-Cherkess people during and after the Caucasus war. The explanation that the apology on the matter brought by the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin, did not have the proper effect. Finally, it should be recalled that an increasing impact on the domestic political situation in Adygeya have foreign Circassian organizations, primarily based in Turkey. But in the end do not have lost his post, President Adygea, and the chief federal inspector, a man by Dmitry Kozak.

Last year his polpredstva in YUFO Dmitry Kozak to observe first hand how buksuet in the North Caucasus, the law on municipal reform, which he developed further in his tenure as deputy head of presidential administration.

This reform in almost all North Caucasus republics, except the almost mono-ethnic Ingush and Chechen exacerbated or created new inter-ethnic problems, has violated the established «ÄÖÅÎÔÌ?ÍÅÎÓËÉÅ» principles of division of power. As a result, it was considered inadequate in the region, and implementation of the law is suspended.

A year Dmitry Kozak successfully gasil hotbeds of conflict, leaving the field. In this chapter regions have him full support. Now, when it went not to the municipal borders and other «trifles», but a lot of money, the authorized representative met stiff resistance.

«It is clear that the proposal aimed at scrapping Kozak clan mafia-type system of power in the region - said« NY »head of the independent institute« Life on the Right »Aslan Psych. - But in this case is unclear why the power is still an old team. Because of their time (several years of de facto independence of Chechnya - not in the bill) chose when setting opinion from Moscow, but now virtually appoint directly. Who can claim?! »

Indeed, judging by economic indicators, the Kabardino-Balkaria (seventh place in the list of the most subsidized regions) and Ingushetia may be among the first candidates for the introduction of «external managers».

But in the CBD has just elected a new president (which, let prolobbiroval the previous head of the region), and in Ingushetia perenaznachen for the next term of the former. Judging from the fact that yesterday filed a statement of confidence in the president of Kalmykia Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, and the head of one of the poorest republics of the country is not threatened with dismissal. Although Dmitry Kozak, as his deputy for economic affairs, has repeatedly criticized the situation in Kalmykia.

creates the impression that Dmitry Kozak is not so clear in their choice. «The decision of the Governor accepts the president, not the authorized representative, - believes deputy director of the Center for Political Technologies Boris Makarenko. - The role of envoys are very supportive, although Kozak unlike other authorized representatives who are authorized and guards, the de facto Vice-King of the North Caucasus. But even in this case, the Kremlin takes into account all factors, not just the relationship with the governor of the authorized representative. Index - with a chapter in the region will be subject spokoyney ».

It is clear that the current heads of the regions is a serious trump card against the initiatives of Dmitry Kozak: «Do not give money, there will be no stability».

And all perfectly aware that a significant portion of grants at odds not only the pockets of local elites. Those who distributes transfers, often with those elites close relationship. Attempts to break this pattern Kozak create not just frondu local leaders. Authorized representative will receive serious and dangerous opponents who supported including the support of Moscow.

«In the Caucasus, the leaders are aware of where power and where the weakness - said« NY »Director of the Institute of National Strategy Stanislav Belkovsky. - They know that in reality the Kremlin is desperately poor and has no control over the situation in the region. They pretend that loyalty in exchange for the federal Center for interference in their affairs. With regard to Dmitry Kozak, then, from the standpoint of the president, he has an important advantage - it has always taken for implementing the objectives and goes ahead. The trouble is that Kozak is not in a position to analyze the problem and preferred pounding a fist on the table and to appeal to name the head of state. In the Caucasus, this is not enough. Therefore, the ordinary activities of the authorized representative of southern end big failure ».

Dmitry Kozak, it seems, is perfectly understood. And does not wish to produce your enemies even on the Moscow level. It is no coincidence that, like insuring themselves, a few days ago he loudly declared that is not going to be the successor to Putin in 2008 and proposed its deletion predictor person «from those who are projected to participate in the elections».

Most subsidies actors Southern Russia

place ranking in the North Caucasus dotatsionnosti

subject of the Russian Federation Share transfers in the budget as a% of the seats in the federal rating dotatsionnosti heads of regions

1 of Ingushetia Murat Zyazikov 88.3 2

2 Dagestan 81.3 4 Magomedali Magomedov

3 Chechnya Alu Alhanov 79.4 6

4 Kabardino-Balkaria Arsen Kanokov 73,4 7

5 Karachay-Cherkessia Mustafa Batdyev 62,5 11

6 North Ossetia 59.2 14 Taimuraz Mamsurov

7 Adygeya 58.1 15 Hazret Sovmen

Andrei Riskin, Milrad Fatullaev

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