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Montenegro otraportoval on the orders of Putin.

Governor of Stavropol Territory Alexander Montenegro announced the implementation of a presidential order to hold water in the village Dehtiarivska.

recall that on 27 September during a "straight line" the president read the complaint who lives in seclusion pensioner Lyudmila Karachentsovoy: she complained that the homes of farmers do not have the water: "residents fetch water for 200-300 meters."

president promised that the candidature of the Governor would not be introduced to a new term until "it will not solve this problem."

As Kommersant daily, since reports began to resemble a construction site aqueduct military reports. If, before September 27, almost did not work out, after a "straight line" is there just 16 excavators, 11 trucks, four bulldozers and more than a hundred workers. Construction was accelerated pace - in three shifts, around the clock. The Governor has allocated for the construction of 50 million rubles from the regional fund unforeseen expenditure, although previously requested from the edge of the federal center to the site at least 70 million.

On Wednesday, October 5, when a large confluence of officials and personally Alexander Chernogorova in farm Dehtiarivska have water - so far in the trial mode.

As they say "Izvestia" on the outskirts of the village has the water column. The governor did not conceal his joy. On the issue of journalist publications, whether he performed the task of the President, Alexander Montenegro said: "I think that the first option, yes."

That includes the "first option" Chernogorova governor, told the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the edge of Alexander Oreshkov: "The project involves everyone in the village on one point running water. What we have done. Razvodyaschaya network within the settlements built by the municipal funds and the citizens themselves. This is not a task for the Government [edges], and the president knows that. "

Otherwise, believe in the office of President of the authorized representative in the Southern Federal District. "The President is waiting for a real result - that people got water - said a senior source in the office of the authorized representative. - Whose hands are you to do this - it does not matter."

even sharper reaction stavropolskie edinorossy. They accused the provincial authorities to simulate the construction of the aqueduct and the deception the president, RIA Novosti.

edinorossov The statement says that the tube is held on an interim scheme, not repaired and not built water treatment plants, not to lay razvodnye network plumbing inside the settlements.

"Regional executive solves its main task - otraportovat, and there ..." Grass does not grow "Home - to keep itself in its present form", - says in a statement.

Regarding vinovnitsy water scandal - Ludmila Karachentsovoy, she was fully satisfied. While it from her home to built columns - 500 meters.

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