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Heat and В«coldВ».

The new authorized representative liked kavminvodskie resorts and pyatigorskoe ice cream.

Last Wednesday in Pyatigorsk in the authorized representative visited Russian President Vladimir Yakovlev in YUFO. Accompanied by the Governor of the Krai A. Chernogorova, head of the administration Kavminvod V. Mykhaylenko and other officials authorized representative visited one of the most famous in the province pyatigorskih of JSC В«ColdВ» and traveled in the number 1.

noteworthy that the visit began on a high spiritual note - with a visit to the Cathedral of Archangel Michael, near JSC В«ColdВ». Then the high-ranking officials went on a tour of the company.

Polpred was pleasantly surprised by the wide range of products, giving preference to neohlazhdennomu soft ice cream.

And given him a cake of ice cream asked to submit to the orphanage.

experience of the successful development of В«ColdВ» necessarily be used, said Vladimir Yakovlev, as one of the priority areas for development YUFO should be the restoration of the productive sector.

- On the territory of the North Caucasian republics, it was a lot of businesses associated with the military-industrial complex, with electronics - continued authorized representative - but unfortunately they are not working.

And our priority is to actively raise the economy of the district, to raise business. Priority will be given to the development of resorts.

I am confident that literacy policies will bring health Kavminvod at world level. Of course, today, people have some fear to come here, but we have to convince them ...

As number 1 high guests laid flowers at the Eternal Flame and visited a museum of military glory. The biggest impression on the authorized representative has made the Hall on the Chechen war, fallen heroes, who are still slightly older kids, postovtsev.

- God forbid, that there was a world - said the authorized representative - that these young girls and guys do not tell with such a shudder of the war, do not let themselves through the pain ...

Vladimir Yakovlev left a message in the book of visitors, but to a question about his impressions of the visit Kavminvod number 1 and the Post said:

- This morning I went to the balcony - a warm, mountain, sun, air - beauty! All of that level, breathes joy, peace ... Zdravnitsy is great, a wonderful place, and I wish to here a lot of people came to think of peace, love, joy ... Post number 1 has made me a very good impression. Such positions have been in many areas but, unfortunately, have disappeared with time.

In St. Petersburg, too, have begun to actively engage in patriotic education, continued V. Yakovlev, returned В«Leather BallВ», В«ZarnitsaВ». All this, of course, ultimately will help the survival of our country.

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