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Ryazan plennitsy.

Ryazansky mechanic received 17 years prison for the fact that nearly four years forcibly kept in the basement of the two juvenile sex slaves.

During this time plennitsy managed to give birth to two children and expecting a third. Colleagues and neighbors knew locksmith with the best hand, a psychiatrist admitted it fully vmenyaemym.

Tuesday Skopinsky City Court (Ryazan region) sentenced slesaryu avtoagregatnogo plant, which is 3 years and 8 months kept in his basement on the slaves of two girls. The court found 54-year-old Victor Mokhova guilty of 2 of art. 126 of the Criminal Code ( В«The abduction of two or more personsВ») and 2 of art. 131 Criminal Code ( В«Rape of a minorВ») and sentenced him to 17 years in strict regime colony.

As is evident from the case, the girls were abducted on 30 October 2000.

On this day, the local cellular company in honor of 5-th anniversary of its work, organized at the Cathedral Square Ryazan massive celebration. By the evening started in a disco В«faith, hope, loveВ». Two friends, 14-year-old student of the evening school Mamontova Katia and 17-year-old pupil at Ryazan STS-39 Lena Samokhin, learned to dance with older workers Victor moss and his young friend, who called Leshey. The new friends suggested the girls go to town on В«ZhigulyahВ» Mokhova. When the company was plunged into a car, it turned out that В«LeschВ» - actually 25-year-old Lena. Just a girl was very similar to the young man - short swifts, in men's clothing and men with the same habits. However, adolescent girls Do not hesitate and responded to the proposal Mokhova together to drink vodka.

Later it turned out, in the liquor was added dimedrol.

After a while the girls ochnulis in close, dark room - it was a garage. Sputnitsa Mokhova said goodbye to them: В«Here, girls, and you fallВ» - and gone, leaving plennits alone with a mechanic, who then raped them (on other data, the woman also raped the girl child).

Viktor Mokhov Skopin lived in the city 90 kilometers from the Ryazan in his house with his mother. In 1997, he began to expand the garage - to dig a cellar under the third level. Carried out there ventilation and electricity. Neighbors explained that they would keep the potatoes, the mother - to keep nutrias. There he later put his plennits. Of hiding in the basement had a small hatch, carefully disguised as covering the floor. Next was В«hallВ», which ended in another door, went into a small room the size of two to three meters. This cell was two-bed, table and stool made. From the camera to the surface is not donosilos no sound - thick concrete walls and floor reaches 30 centimeters.

This cell plennitsy spent the first three years, never leaving the surface.

Mokhov regularly raped them and muchil - overlaps ventilation filters electricity (in the basement was damp and cold, warming up plennitsy of electric) are not given water. In addition to sex, from plennits it is not required. In a sign of mercy once brought in a TV camera and tape recorder. During the time of the Lena twice was pregnant and gave birth to two boys - were taken immediately delivery. When the first baby was two months, Mokhov podbrosil his entrance in one of the houses. The same thing he has done and with the second child - when that was four months. In the second child's diaper plennitsy hid a note asking for help, but Mokhov found it.

The fate of children is not precisely zvestna - according to some sources, they hit the detdom.

Since autumn 2003, the system of sex slaves weakened - has become a mechanic put the girls one by one for a walk. During a stroll Kate Mammoth managed to talk to kvartirantkoy Mokhova - student Skopinskogo Medical College. Captive handed her a note that requested to transmit to the police. Kvartirantka did so.

By the time Mamontova Samokhin and three and a half years were considered missing, and Skopinskaya prosecutor's office unsuccessfully investigated the criminal case brought under art. 105 CCRF В«MurderВ». After the police received a note of relief, they went to Mokhov. Seeing police, he tried to flee through the back door, but was caught.

Operativniki hardly found disguised hatch (Mokhov denied everything and laze silent until recently). When the girls brought up to the surface, it turned out that Lena Samokhina is eight months pregnant.

After plennits released, the police decided that Mokhov involved in other disappearances of girls. In order to find any evidence investigators up almost the entire homestead plot locksmith, but nothing found. At the outset of interrogation Mokhov all confessed, but later changed their position - said that ryl basement of potatoes, and the decision to settle it plennits came later. According to him, the girls are asked to bring them home, and when, instead of the house were at Mokhova also voluntarily went to the basement. In addition, Mokhov said Lena soobschnitsu he met by chance and since then it has not seen.

reports Ryazanskoye agency «7 News», in June 2004, the 29-year-old Elena zhitelnitsu Ryazan Badukinu - alleged soobschnitsu Mokhova - were able to apprehend. On interrogation, she denied his guilt. However, prosecutor's office of Ryazan region show it to the prosecution of art. 131 am-2 pm. «In», «ä» CCRF ( «Rape is a group of persons known to be a minor, accompanied by a threat to kill»).

According to local media, knowing Victor Mokhova evaluate it as a positive person, friendly.

At avtoagregatnom plant Mokhov, according to colleagues who had not received any disciplinary points. Do not drink, do not smoke. After working vozilsya on his farm was. Over the sluggish nature got the nickname В«SealВ». In 1979, he married, but after three months divorced. In doing so, the district prosecutor's office recalled that his father Mokhova sat in jail for rape.

Mother rabovladeltsa - 80-year-old Alice Mokhova also praised his son. In broadcast television RenTV, she said: В«Even in the head does not fit. A good son and all of a sudden ... two! Although a single, and then - two!!! В»

investigation failed to prove that Alice Mokhova knew captive and, therefore, in case it was held as a witness and not an accomplice. At the same time Mohovyh neighbors noticed that his mother bought in a store a large number of products, the excessive for two people. Alice Mokhova, she said, actually saw one bp girls - Mokhov gave Katya Mamontov's house and called his friend. Female soap dishes, vskapyvala mohovskie beds. Of В«guestsВ» spuskali it again in the basement, but Mokhov told the mother that she was going home.

IN SRI behalf of the Serb Viktor Mokhova recognized vmenyaemym. His plennitsy received psychological rehabilitation.

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