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Belarus has been the goods for export.

The government of New Jersey (USA) uncovered an international network for the manufacture and sale of child pornography. The main supplier of child porn was Belarusian company Regpay Co. Ltd., Succeeded to earn a pedophilia nearly $ 3 million

authorities in the U.S. state of New Jersey on Thursday announced that uncovered an international network of child porn on the Internet. Its founders were residents of New Jersey, as well as citizens of France, Spain and Belarus. Criminal conversation is rooted in the Belarusian capital. In particular, the Minsk company Regpay Co. Ltd, as it turned out, receiving payment through credit card for access to more than 50 pornographic Web sites, managed to collect nearly $ 3 million, said Assosiated Press. In addition to the Belarusian companies in money laundering was involved company Connections USA of Florida, Fort Lauderdale.

Regpay conducted subscription for at least four child porn site in Minsk, referring to other similar sites.

most popular one of the Minsk sites called «Г°ГЏГ„ГђГЏГЊГ?ÎÙÊ children», described in the indictment.

The investigation was part of a large-scale operation code-named «Sokol», aimed at destroying the financial structure of child pornoindustrii in the United States. Starting from Tuesday, U.S. authorities have intercepted $ 800 thousand, sent buyers pornography owners pornosaytov. More than 160 charges are currently being tested.

in the FBI are convinced that global business is built on the child pornography is growing from year to year. According to experts bureau, criminal groups are now looking for new channels, which can deliver the child porn on the world market. For example, in September last year, one of the major channels for the production and dissemination of child pornography was discovered in Germany.

Photos and videos produced in the country, distributed in 166 countries around the world, vendors and customers of child pornography have more than 26 thousand people, among whom were pedophiles and rapists.

In December 2003, a similar network eliminated the Spanish police. In the prisons of the country while 27 people have been concluded. During the operation the Spanish police seized more than 6 thousand videotapes with pornography, which perepravlyalas via the Internet in the U.S., Europe and Asia. It was also confiscated 3 thousands of computers on which photos of child pornography.

Belarusian porn case promises to be loud. «About two dozen people in New Jersey and 20 other nationals accused of downloading child pornography images. Among those arrested - two school teachers, a former minister, a family doctor and a former Presbyterian pastor », - said the representative of the Public Prosecutor's Office of New Jersey Michael Dryunieyk.

Of the four leaders of Regpay Co. Ltd, three arrested in France and Spain, and U.S. authorities have demanded their extradition for prosecution.

Unfortunately, the Belarusian police did not report where the fourth head of the firm. However, the existence of such firms, as well as the cessation of its activities confirmed.

the United States was able to catch one of the participants in groups - on Wednesday in federal court Nyuarka guilty Chief Executive Officer Connections USA Eugene Valentine. All convicted threaten up to 20 years and fines up to $ 250 thousand

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