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Spam still live for two years.

Microsoft filed 15 lawsuits against companies that, according to the corporation, sent more than 2 billion unwanted messages to users of Internet services MSN Internet and Hotmail.

they face trial, but in the meantime Microsoft is working hard on the technical means to combat spam.

According to Microsoft lawyer Brad Smith, 12 of the 15 lawsuits filed in courts of Washington, which recently adopted a new antispamersky law, as well as one in California. Another two claims filed in British courts.

know the names of some companies that have been filed claims. Thus, the company XPAYS, based in San Francisco, is charged with distribution of pornography. Rockin Time Holdings of Miami - in the list of proposals to increase the individual parts of the body. Global Media (Philadelphia) To send users links to sites containing child porn. A company Email Gold of Agricultural Ohio generally offered in their communications, paid training В«high spamerskomu artВ».

Microsoft, which owns the second largest U.S. Internet channel MSN, as well as e-mail service Hotmail, fears that the huge amounts of spamming can lead to a reduction in the number wanting to take advantage of its services .

В«It is necessary to make life more difficult spammers, you must make it clear that they will have to defend himself in courtВ», - said the Attorney General of Washington State Christine Gregory.

According to the research company Ferris Research, spam costs annually U.S. companies in the $ 9 billion and according to consulting firm Radicati Group, this year 45% of the total volume of global e-mail will be spam . By 2007 this figure will increase to 70%.

Back in May, the head of Microsoft, Bill Gates said that the corporation is going to stem the tide of spammers through legislation, and some improvements in their software products. He also appealed to the President of the Commercial Committee of the Senate John McCain and the Federal Trade Commission with a proposal to adopt a federal law banning the proliferation of spam, unless the consent of the user. The topic of interest and congressmen who are willing to take antispamovye laws already this year.

However, the first by spammers to start to fight not Microsoft, and AOL, which in April filed a lawsuit spammers, demanding damages of $ 10 million and to stop sending unsolicited messages. Since then, AOL has agreed with its competitors Microsoft, EarthLink and Yahoo! together the spammers, as we see now happening.

According to estimates of Microsoft, in a year spamovye message will be already 65% of all e-mail messages. And the cost of spam doubled compared with the $ 9 billion in 2002. And in this $ 18 billion will cover travel expenses for the purchase and installation of equipment and software. Loss of productivity is to be considered separately.

Experts predict Microsoft, the efforts of the corporation and its partners must stop the growth of spam in the next 18 months, and then spam will begin to decline.

In two years, is expected to Microsoft, the vast majority of spamovyh message is so reliably otlavlivatsya that popadayuschiesya some unwanted messages will be seen only as a simple misunderstanding. Meanwhile, the technical means to fight against spam is not enough perfect, have tried.

Vadim Rezvy

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