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Our successes - not an accident.

The winter in Russia has traditionally - Season stock. In December, there are the results of preliminary in January and February - is already a statistically sound ..

They gradually obrastayut comments of experts and politicians. And this, in turn, allows the scale to assess the year lived, to write the events of their own lives in the heart of life for the whole province, the entire country.

today about his vision major events of 2003 readers «Stavropol truth» says the governor of Stavropol region, Alexander Montenegro.

- Alexander, has become popular to sum up the year in various fields in the style definition of nominations in different directions. Let us try to apply this approach in assessing the results of the regional economy and in general - life Stavropol in 2003. The first nomination - «the main economic effect the year». What is it, in your opinion?

- Residents of the province, its workers much has been achieved in various sectors of the economy. But there is an integrated economic indicator, which is probably most suitable for nomination main economic result. This rate of growth of gross regional product. Now the final results yet clarified, but we can with certainty say that the GDP of the province will exceed 108 percent.

This shows that the edge of a dynamically growing economy, rising commodity production, expanding the scope of services.

and against the positive and negative trends in the first did prevail.

At the end of the year the growth rate of gross regional product by about two percentage points exceeds the growth rate of gross domestic product. This assessment of available reserves in the forefront of economic growth and dynamics of major economic indicators over the past five years suggests that the task of doubling GDP, set in last year's President of the Federal Assembly, we will be able to comply with a year earlier designated dates.

economic indicators, which I would be nominated as the main economic effect the year, consists of many components. And I did not resist the order not to name a few more meaningful outcomes. Of the nine major industries edges worked with plus seven.

Total industrial output amounted to 107.5 percent by 2002.

Quite a lively picture and in the consumer market: the annual turnover of retail trade reached the level of 60.5 billion rubles, which is about eight percent higher than in 2002. The volume of paid services rendered to the physical mass for the year rose to 5.7 percent.

- Behind all these numbers are specific labor groups and some quite successful plans and projects. Who do you think could be included in the nomination «Enterprise 2003»?

- I always said and now I repeat: everyone is achieving its name because each, in fact, there are specific people and their work, their personal success and achievements create the overall result.

I now difficult to identify a single best enterprise. We have a diversified economy and thousands of large economic entities. It is - with one hand. And on the other - I am respectful attitude to the opinion of specialists otraslevikov, because for me the best edge of those enterprises that have received recognition and were marked by an independent authoritative examination.

As a result of the all-Russian contest «One hundred best products of Russia» winners were thirty-four stavropolskih product. Yes we are in the province already had a traditional regional competition for the production of high quality and competitive products. The list of enterprises that have become the winners, there are educational institutions, such as the Center for the development of gifted children «Search», and health institutions, in particular, Budennovskaya central regional hospital and a housing and communal services Izobilnenskogo district, and health resorts, and, Of course, the most productive enterprises of different industries province. This OJSC «hydrometallurgical plant» in ìÅÒÍÏÎÔÏ×Å, «plant electronic materials and devices« analogue »in Stavropol, budennovsky« Stavrolen », Pyatigorsk« Cold-filling »and others.

I am also very pleased that stavropoltsy are gaining more and more strong position in the traditional ranking of top three agricultural enterprises in the country, which is the All-Russian Institute of Agrarian Problems and Informatics. Nikonov.

ranking appear in the last eighteen farms Stavropol. However, most of them - stavropolskie members club «Agro-300» go to the beginning and middle of the list.

Thus, the twenty-second line - kolkhoz-ÐÌÅÍÚÁ×ÏÄ «Kazminsky» Kochubeevskogo district, one of the most profitable Russian enterprises. His neighbor - kolkhoz-ÐÌÅÍÚÁ×ÏÄ them. Chapaev to 66 th place ranking. Among the best farms also AOZT them. Kirov and the kolkhoz them. Voroshilov Trunovskogo area, Ltd. «Praskoveya» âÕÄÅÎÎÏ×ÓËÏÇÏ area and our economy.

- One of the last decade, forced to take the reform - the freezing of the housing programs and a dramatic decrease not only housing but also the input of social facilities. They say in the region are now about six dolgostroev, emerged during the Soviet regime. The results of the construction industry in many ways illustrative of the socio-economic situation in general. It is therefore interesting to know how you rate the overall outcomes of the building complex at the edge of the past year and that this can be called «building year»?

- Year 2003rd was largely proryvnym.

the first time since the early 90's rate of growth in housing amounted to 106.2 percent. It was introduced by 628 thousand square meters of housing space.

were also made the first steps in the development on the territory of mortgage lending. It was in 2003, we have established state unitary enterprise «his home», which will now serve as the regional management organizations in implementing schemes of mortgage lending in the Stavropol Territory.

Recently an agreement was signed between the Government of the province, SUE «his house» and joint-stock company with a hundred-percent state capital «Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending». We are going to be included in the developed Gosstroy Russia mortgage scheme, which is actually viewed as a catalyst for housing in our region. Recruited a good pace, and we will try to keep it in the years ahead.

Regarding the nomination «Construction year», it is difficult to determine. Last year was puscheno built many important industrial and social facilities. Put into operation in 2100, three school sites, construct two new bridge to replace the destroyed nature in Kislovodsk and Nevinnomysske continued work on water supply and gasification of settlements.

When podvodish final line under any dolgostroem or a particularly important social facilities, it seems that this is a truly significant event. Still, neither successfully completed dolgostroi or entering the planned facilities in the social sphere can not be nominated for the «Construction of the year». Here, it seems to me, coming just something unusual, and this building is in the forefront.

Just over a year to clean the field grew supersovremennogo shell companies for the production of soft drinks and mineral water bottling JSC «Rokadovskie mineral water». As equipped, the landscaping and appearance, this enterprise has no analogues in the country. It even built a beautiful Orthodox church. This is, I think this building year: fast, high-quality, beautiful and - in the century!

- If you look at the whole life of the province last year, that could be called the «event of 2003»?

- I think there can be no other response than that which was adopted by us when the year is just beginning.

Even then, it was agreed that 2003 will be held in the Stavropol marked the anniversary date of the bicentennial of Caucasian Mineral Waters. I think we managed to make the anniversary of a truly massive sound.

President Vladimir Putin has adopted a special Decree «On the bicentennial celebration of founding the resort region of the Russian Federation, the Caucasus Mineral Waters-profit». In oreole anniversary year was the mass memorable, interesting events. Use at least that the first National Forum «Health», sponsored by the Ministry of Health of Russia, Russian Research Center for Restorative Medicine and balneology, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and other solid structures, was not in the capital, and in our region. North Caucasus zone management specialist spa Health Ministry Russia was named the best in the country. Kislovodsky sanatorium «Narzan» became the owner of the premium the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of quality.

- In addition to all that have called, gone in 2003 we all remember the election of State Duma deputies country, visiting a large delegation of EU ambassadors in Stavropol, and, unfortunately, the two vzorvannymi train . There were joys and sorrows. But what does a defining your relationship to another prozhitomu year?

- Thanks. Remembering this difficult explicitly say year, I am grateful to my fellow countrymen. Together we have been working weekdays and holidays, days of heavy testing, and the joy of happy minutes. It was all, but I think we are generally decent living this year.

Change for the better has become the norm of our lives. Our successes - not an accident, not luck but the result of painstaking, responsible, professional performance.

We have done a lot together, and that today has the right to feel a sense of satisfaction and pride.

Perhaps not everyone was able to fully, but I sincerely hope that all the good which does not come true in the past year, will certainly happen in 2004.

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