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Putin answered questions of Russians.

Answers questions for 12:00 - 14:42.

14:42 Putin believes that Russia is not the AIDS epidemic

Vladimir Putin believes that the incidence of AIDS in Russia has not yet reached epidemic levels. But he noted that in the next year to combat infectious diseases will be allocated to 3 billion rubles.

14:39 Putin will not appoint Chernogorova, yet he does not hold water at the farm

One Stavropolski Farm residents complained of the absence of running water, noting that this problem must be resolved even after last year's statement by Vladimir Putin.

This is the President of Russia noted that the documents perenaznachenie Stavropol governor has already been prepared but not sent to the regional parliament. «And would not be sent until it solves the problem», - said the president.

14:35 Putin: conscripts in «hot spots» will not serve

Vladimir Putin has confirmed that in «hot spots» conscripts will not serve. According to him, this year in Chechnya do not have troops on the call.

14:25 Putin expressed support for the return transport benefits for children

Vladimir Putin believes that the abolition of exemptions in the regions for the passage of school children can and should be reviewed.

14:21 Putin has refused to increase the retirement age

Vladimir Putin cautioned against raising the retirement age. «While I was president, this would not», - he said during a live broadcast.

Putin also said that the decline in life expectancy of Russians affect «booze, drugs», high accident at work, the low level of health.

14:18 Putin is not sure that all its decisions are executed properly

Vladimir Putin during a live broadcast said that does not sabotage actions of officials, but not sure that all orders are executed properly. He said that Russia - «big country», and pointed to the legal ignorance of some officials in the field.

14:07 Putin promises to convert all Russian clinic

Vladimir Putin, responding to a question about the deplorable situation of the health system, promised that the Government intends to convert all the country's clinics, which number about 11 thousand

According to him, should increase the number of free transactions in the high-tech clinics to 60 thousand this year to 120 thousand in 2006. In 2007, according to the president, this figure should reach 180 thousand

Putin said that next year the emphasis on health will be placed on immunization and control of infectious diseases, including AIDS.

14:02 Putin: Housing veterans allocated 3 billion rubles

Vladimir Putin during the live broadcast reported that the financing of the housing program for veterans and the disabled in 2006, allocated 3 billion rubles. He said that the only money the federal government.

13:57 Getting the right to work in Russia is planned to simplify

Vladimir Putin, replying to questions of Russians said that the Government plans to simplify obtaining permits to work in Russia and the authorization for a long stay.

He said that in Russia the development of targeted programs for the return of compatriots from the former Soviet republics.

13:54 Putin: funding for housing programs for the military is increasing

Vladimir Putin during the live broadcast said that in 2006, would increase funding for housing programs for the troops. He also said that the certificates will work. In doing so, he did not answer the question whether the Government will compensate for the difference between the value of the certificates and the real cost of housing.

Putin noted that recently the military has a system for mortgage lending, but for those who entered the service prior to its introduction, will be former zakonodatelstvo.

13:44 Putin to resist the strong expressions in speaking of the benefit system

Vladimir Putin, responding to a question on the implementation of the law on monetization of social benefits, has promised to refrain from strong language. He said that no such right, «especially in a live».

Among the reasons for the monetization of benefits, in particular, Putin said that many Ì?ÇÏÔÎÉËÉ their privileges not enjoyed. As the president said some governors have complained to him that public transport in the region with such a system could work out less than two years.

Putin admits that the system of distribution of soft drugs is imperfect. He said that he will make «the appropriate signals and signals» officials to address the problem of entitlements.

13:38 Putin promised that the government would buy agricultural products

Vladimir Putin has assured that the Government will continue and improve the practice of intervention in the market for agricultural products. So he replied to a question on how the Government will decide on the marketing of agricultural products.

The president also said that steps will be taken to reduce the influence of perekupschikov market.

13:30 Putin described the talks with Yushchenko on the border crossing

Vladimir Putin during the live broadcast said that the leaders of Russia and Ukraine pledge to work together to simplification of border crossing. He noted that this problem affects bureaucratic delays. Putin also said that the issue of bureaucracy, in particular, put Yushchenko.

13:19, Putin suggested that the problem is not to demonize the Russians in the Baltic

Vladimir Putin offered no grudge against people (pribaltov), which prohibits the Russian language. He said that the problem with the Russian schools is not unique to the Baltic states, and called no «demonize this issue».

Putin said that there is a split in society to bring the Baltic States, and promised to help the Russian.

question asked of Latvia from the roof PÕÓÓËÏÇÏ Center in Riga at the fact that the city authorities banned live broadcast with the president from the street, as happens in other cities in Russia.

13:08 Putin promises to give mortgage agency 14.8 billion rubles

Vladimir Putin during the live broadcast has promised that the government «add money» in the charter capital of the Agency for mortgage loans. According to Putin, the agency will be provided 14.8 billion rubles for the state guarantees.

As President, this term should be extended to 20 - 30 years and reduce the price of them.

According to Putin, by 2010 had already planned to issue 1 million in mortgage loans, compared with 40 thousand this year.

13:04 Putin has promised to buy for the army tanks and ballistic missiles

Vladimir Putin to issue a resident of Izhevsk that, when the government «would turn its face to the defense industry», said that the financial recovery of the defense industry in recent years done a lot. He recalled the retooling Russian army, in particular, he said, will soon be purchased upgraded tanks. Putin also said that ballistic missiles will be procured.

President told that Russia has made «neuyazvimye system», using «superzvuk».

Putin noted that last year the income from the sale of Russian arms amounted to $ 5 billion

12:55 Putin: the image of people in Chechnya is garbled

Vladimir Putin believes distorted image of Russians in Chechnya. He made this statement during the live broadcast.

He also said that to improve the image of the inhabitants of Chechnya, in particular, need to take the efforts of the state media.

12:53 Putin svalil for local authorities responsible for issuing compensations in Chechnya

resident of Chechnya during the live broadcast complained to Vladimir Putin on the issue of compensation for the humiliation that the residents had to endure to bring numerous inquiries.

President of Russia said that the money allocated, but the way they are distributed depends on the authorities of the country.

But he noted that the Government of Chechnya can not determine the final amount of compensation to the number of victims. He promised to talk with the Prime Minister of Chechnya and other officials to address this issue.

12:48 Putin has not responded to a question, when Chechnya stop abducting people

resident of Chechnya during the live broadcast asked Vladimir Putin, when the end kidnappings in Chechnya.

President said that it was impossible to determine who is behind the kidnapping - law enforcement officials or militia. He said that the main solution to the problem - a political settlement in Chechnya. Putin also said that it holds hope for a new parliament in Chechnya.

12:44 Putin apologized for the attack on foreigners in Russia

Vladimir Putin during the live broadcast apologized to foreign students for «incident» involving Nazi-minded youth.

According to Putin, the government will deal with nationalism, to racists and «fashistvuyuschie elements» disappeared from the political map of Russia.

12:39 Putin considers undervalued natural resources of Russia

Vladimir Putin during the live broadcast said it believed that the natural resources in Russia underestimated.

12:29 The Government of Russia will choose a number of innovative universities

Vladimir Putin promised that Russia will set up special zones in which development will be implemented in Russia. So he replied to a question from a student of Tomsk that the introduction of the ideas of young scientists in Russia is virtually impossible.

Putin said that the Government was preparing a procedure for the election on a competitive basis «innovative universities», which will provide additional assistance for the purchase of laboratory equipment and support for teachers.

According to Putin, in southern Russia and Siberia will create two new high school, and in Moskovskom region and St. Petersburg - two modern school management.

12:22 Putin cares about the issue razvorovyvanii stabfonda

Vladimir Putin during the live broadcast said that the stabilization fund was created to keep the macro-economic indicators and curb inflation. He said that he, too, are concerned the issue of razovorovyvanii from stabfonda.

He noted that the hopes that the legislative bodies and public organizations to exercise control over the expenditure of stabfonda.

12:16 Putin has promised not to ban cars from driving right

Vladimir Putin during the live broadcast said that while the right to prohibit cars from driving, no one is going. He said that the traffic problems in the area of security.

But he noted that the crash, which killed the governor of Altai Territory Mikhail Yevdokimov, involved a car with the right wheel.

Putin also promised to develop the automotive and not give priority to imports of cars and assemble in Russia.

12:13 Putin is not going to discuss the ownership of the Kurile Islands

Vladimir Putin, replying to questions of Russians said that Russia supplies to discuss the Kuril islands are not going to Moscow.

However, he noted that the Russian side was in favor of the withdrawal of all controversial issues with other countries. He noted that with good will can find the option that would suit both parties.

12:11 Putin has promised to develop the Far East

Vladimir Putin, responding to a question from Sakhalin student, said that for the Far East, there is a federal target program for development. Putin argues that the Government understood the problems the residents of Far East: the difficulty of movement, expensive tickets, the outflow of the population. He promised that conditions will be created for the development of the region.

12:09 Putin: Russia «disassembled» eight oil companies

first president asked Russia accountant from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, who complained to the high price of gasoline. According to her, the 95 th gasoline on Sakhalin worth 21 rubles.

Putin responded that the rise in oil prices reflected in the domestic market in Russia. He also recalled the recent agreement to freeze the price of gasoline.

According to Putin, the eight major oil companies «dismantled in Russia» and monopolize the market.

But he noted that taxes directly affect the domestic prices in the country, and promised that the tax system should be changed so that it does not Dávila market.

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