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«Lokomotiv» provocative suffered defeat.

When fans metropolitan «engine» sent to the same stadium in Cherkizovo, they had not anticipated how sad emerge tonight for their beloved club.

«Lokomotiv» unexpectedly defeated fellow of «Torpedo», which, with a major score - 0:3.

However, it is not too unexpected defeat it? The Russian champion sample of last year now is not the best of times, that is clearly reflected in evrokubkah: railroad workers were unable to break in the group tournament of the Champions League and now have to be satisfied with «only» UEFA Cup, to be exact, in his drawing. Then, after the failure in the fight with «Rapid» followed sverhtyazhelaya victory over «Amkarom» - 4:3 (after 0:3).

And finally, last week «Lokomotiv» hardly tore out a draw with one of the outsiders, koim is «Rostov».

Nevertheless, the current, 24 th round, the railroad came in the role of the main contenders for the gold medal of the championship - and, with the clear intention to restore pyatiochkovy isolation from CSKA. As you know, today, the army defeated the «Spartak» and recruited outpoint approached «Lokomotivu». Much worse dismally at «Torpedo», which is poised in mid-standings. A week ago, pride torpedovtsev strongly zadeli players Petersburg «Zenit», was sent to the gates of their four lamblike ball, and did so in «Luzhniki». «Torpedo» not to be anything other than a rehabilitated to their fans, who, year after year, apparently, is becoming less and less. And it torpedovtsam succeeded brilliantly. They have got something very long ago did not receive from other rivals «engine», - namely, the victory with a big score. Thrice Sergei Ovchinnikovu balls were removed from their own gates, but its partners were unable to disappoint torpedovtsev did. 3:0 - in favor of «Torpedo», whose coach Sergei Petrenko at the end of the match said the following (quotes «»): "I thank all the guys, because they were able to depart from the consequences of the painful defeat in the match with Zenit." It is unfortunate that this season we can not fight for chempionstvo.

But for chempionstvo will now be able to fight CSKA.

The central 24-game first round of Russia's soccer championship between CSKA Moscow and Spartak "won the UEFA Cup holders. All agreed to one goal, scored at 6 minutes into the performance of the Brazilian legionary CSKA Daniel Carvalho. All attempts to change the account spartakovtsev on board were fruitless. Thus, the four-year bezvyigryshnaya series "Spartacus" in the game with armeytsami lasted.

CSKA scored 46 points and coming from behind in the first place "locomotive" is only two points. By the way, head coach «engine» Vladimir Eshtrekov captured in defeat ... positive part: "Over the team davlel cargo decent job pursuers. Now that the gap between CSKA reduced to two points, we will play better," - he said.

The "Spartacus" is 42 points (fourth place). Another contender for the medals, St. Petersburg "Zenith", with 43 points, today met with Shinnikom: after half-time through is not yet open.

«Moscow» defeated in Tomsk on «Tommy» - 2:3 and was not able to get ahead spartakovtsev stayed with 40 points in fifth place. «Kryliya Sovetov» unexpectedly won a «Saturn» - 1:0 and strengthened its position in the struggle to maintain residence in the Premier League. Tomorrow play: «Dinamo» - «Rostov», «Alaniya» - «Amkar», «Terek» - «Rubin».

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