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Stopped to shake.

Yesterday Vladimir Putin as a candidate for president of Russia - held a meeting with the Moscow State University trustees and heads of regional election headquarters ..

delegation Stavropol region, as chief of the electoral headquarters headed by Valery Gaevsky. The meeting attracted keen interest from the press, not only federal, but also the regional (at MSU attended and correspondent В«JVВ»), because it was assumed that Putin will speak with the main points of his election program. And so it happened.

his speech the president be divided into three parts: В«eltsinskyВ» period, В«PutinВ» and В«posleputinskyВ». The latter dealt with the challenges that lay ahead in the next four years.

Incidentally, Vladimir Putin has rejected a proposal to move one of the trustees to increase the presidential term to seven years, saying that В«if you begin to edit the Constitution, then it does not stopВ».

By the end of 1999, according to Vladimir Putin, Russia has come a weakened destructive processes in the economic, political and social spheres. This delay of wages, loss of savings of citizens as a result of default, the loss of several positions in world markets. All of this took place against the backdrop of weakening the federal government and the separatist sentiment in some regions, including Chechnya.

Replying to a question that the positive done in the country for four years of the current president, Vladimir Putin replied: В«The restoration of the vertical of executive power, reform of key sectors of the economy.

From 1999 to 29.9 per cent increase gross domestic product, fell three times the level of inflation, stabilized the ruble, the Central Bank reserves amounted to 84 billion dollars (more than the Soviet era).

4 times higher minimum wage, the real incomes of citizens rose one and a half times, unemployment has fallen by a third В». And, most importantly, В«stopped to shakeВ», В«in a society overcome the fear of the consequences of reformВ».

Among В«painful problemsВ» need to be addressed, the president included: lack of growth, inefficient state machinery, as many officials have carried out В«no inherentВ» functions. According to Putin, the State needed a more decisive and rapid steps to reform the natural monopolies, education and health, housing and communal services. On the topic of housing mortgage loans, Putin stressed that for most people it is not available, and in spring the Government will make to the Duma a bill to make mortgage В«more popularВ», up to 20 years. It should also simplify tax administration, to develop financial markets, making the ruble convertible. There comes a time of transition to a new, higher standard of living, stressed Putin.

But the main value of our society, in the words of the president - is the freedom and rights of citizens.

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