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The mechanism for catching shower.

Thy, Stavropol, eyes ....

Hello, dear edition newspaper В«Trud - the North CaucasusВ». Since then, some public fund (charity!) DS Kuz'mina developed violent activities В«hillingВ» the electoral field. Aktivnost fund far crossed the border of the administrative heads of the city of Stavropol influence. Importunity and liberty is beginning to border on a violation of not only ethical but also legal aspects. We must understand that it is now just have a charitable activity - to send postcards to all kinds of dates. Of course, I understand and ocoznayu your limitations, but if the question relates to the days of thousands of your readers, then you would like to have published an open letter headed Stavropol.

Open letter to the head of administration of Stavropol DS Kuzminu

Neither of my own people or among friends or among coratnikov on В«selfless work for the prosperityВ» of your name, Dmitry, I can not find, so do not even know where adrecovat normal for a normal person myslennuyu gratitude, if any would receive from you congratulations on his birthday. Now you first read my name, which you have no say. Do not you know I do not know, and know, of course, do not expect, though for your signature in person, I come far from the first message. I will not be cunning, though I do not understand what is happening. Launched a mechanism for catching souls of future voters. Every day in shtampovanny text В«distinguished computerВ» substitutes ordinary initials. Copy your signature is intended to cause your image, which I rather vaguely about and captured, flies back to the alleged mental gratitude, to be followed up with my hand, and ... I can not do, Dmitry. There was no emotion, except a sense of nelovskosti, domestic protest and anger, this idea is. Not В«vytantsovyvaetsyaВ» I love you, Dmitry. I do not want to be the target of one-time use. And yet, I can not see the reasons hindering wish you success in the assault administrative tops (unless, of course, you shturmuete them in good faith). But most of all I want to wish me to my soul, without my knowledge, is not stretched whose any hand, especially if it rzhavaya, zamaslennaya hand cold and indifferent mechanism.

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