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Chapter Krasnodar: Race with predictable results.

September 18, officially ended in Krasnodar "interregnum" - residents of the capital boundary chosen the new head of the municipality Vladimir Evlanov.

Formally anarchy lasted more than a year - from September 2004 as former Mayor Nicholas Prize was removed from office in connection with a criminal case against him - first temporarily, but and then by a court decision. Indeed, the turmoil in the management of the city began even earlier, last summer, but over time, ordinary krasnodartsy do not feel any discomfort in life in relation to the temporary status of a new head appointed to act on the recommendation of Governor Alexander Tkachev. On the contrary, remarking on the streets of asphalt pavers or shtukaturov at entrances of homes, not been renovated since the late stalemate, people nod approvingly - correctly, even before the elections, something the people do.

krasnodartsy Some even expressed the bold, but obviously impossible wishes - but not whether the head of the city to rent - and even sit - every year, looking into the next mayor, has not yet managed to obnaglet and away from the people finally, some people will benefit?

However, the appointment of the Acting Mayor Vladimir Evlanov citizens have in the past year have adopted without objection: an experienced leader Urban, a former vice-mayor and a real contender to head back to town 2000. However, experience of acting Mayor of Housing and the edge of the city was perceived by citizens as a plus or a negative sign. Opponents Vladimir Evlanov, reminding voters of broken roads and holey tubes, pathetically vozvyshali voice: Who, in your opinion, brought the case before the full collapse? The answer is clear, however, many krasnodartsy do talk about Evlanove with good sense: a good man.

definition of "good guy" to give the acting Mayor before the start of the election campaign and the media who tried to assess the applicant for the role of head of the city objectively portrayed him as such: a kind, considerate people boleyuschy the case.

not he, not a politician, and in general - not a brilliant character, and apparently nothing remarkable. There is no cad, not a thief and no star - just a decent man, who can be trusted.

Gubernatorial media, again well before the official start of the campaign, the fashion guy without claims increasingly begun pririsovyvat features host city - a strict but fair father's mother. Television spots about Evlanova that with the new year strongly pichkali citizens in general should have been cause krasnodartsev strong allergy to the word "election", but sometimes bring viewers and funny minutes. What is, for example, the idea of demonstrating to voters the process of acting pereobuvaniya Mayor in rubber boots, Mr. Evlanov carefully removed from the luggage of his or her car. Voice-overs while veschal that acting the mayor is personally inspect flooded after the rain the next street. Residents of the regional center, which for many years are forced to wander from the puddles of slaughtered livnevok with quiet malice to monitor how expensive shoes Acting Mayor disappeared in the depths of the luggage, and the Vladimir Lazarevi, in full parade, but the rubber boots vigorously Force a crossing.

However, such pearls in the campaign and predagitatsionnoy, if I may say so, the campaign had been issued not so much. In the main newspapers and television moved on beaten track: Vladimir Yevlanov met with doctors, teachers, retirees, residents of the house - unnecessary cross, listened to stories about the problems and promised to help. Sometimes - have helped and listened gratitude. "Vyalaya and non-campaign, the election of calm and free" - both praised the progress of the campaign Krasnodarsky known political scientist, doctor of political science Michael Savva.

The only intrigue was the case with the appearance in sections:

on data for 18 hours Sunday turnout at polling stations did not exceed 17.5%, so the observers raised concerns that the threshold of 20% of eligible voters, the Charter of some cities, could not be reached, and elections will be declared failed. But already the morning of September 19, at a briefing in gorizbirkome commission chairman Anatoly Rykov reported that the final turnout was 25.24%, while the vote in the last hour explainable and predictable.

- One of the key factors can become hot weather - explained A. Rykov. - According to the provincial traffic police administration, on Sunday morning, thousands of cars left the city to testify. We expected that this part of the townspeople still come back and able to vote. And so it happened.

authorities at all levels try to ensure the appearance of this: the city driving cars with campaign posters calling to go to elections, traffic police officers called to the citizens to vote through megaphones, and, in some constituencies workers REPov held pokvartirnye rounds, inviting citizens to the stations. In the course went even SMS, zazyvavshie citizens to vote. As a result of titanic efforts district administrations final turnout was over 25% of eligible voters krasnodartsev. The elections were declared valid.

Observers are not in vain since the beginning of the campaign called the race with the predictable result: before the campaign period rating Vladimir Evlanov exceeded 45%. During the election campaign and vote no significant change has not happened, except that a victory Acting Mayor sounded more convincing: September 18, it lost 64.75% of voters to vote. In second place was, as expected, the ex-Speaker gordumy communist Aleksander Kiriushin who obtained 11.68% of the vote, in third place - the candidate "against all" - 9,62%. The other four candidates gained from 7.39% to 0.46% of the vote.

As usual, the candidate came second, then told of widespread use of administrative resources as in the campaign, and during the vote.

- In my office came evidence that the teachers were obliged to obzvonit students' parents and ask to come to the elections, the same was done by the doctors on the team from the district administrations - A reported . Kiriushin. - Now we sum all these signals, and on the basis of the data going to court to challenge the illegal actions of the authorities. The use of administrative resources during the campaign, it was flagrant.

In the regional office of the Communist Party also suspect that the elections can not be honest.

- During the voting in kraykom KPRF received signals that the electoral commission staff were ballot boxes and bundles of ballot papers to the apartments, offering all those wishing to vote at home - the second secretary of the Communist Party of Krasnodar kraykoma Yevgeny Raschepkin. - We recommend that our observers to make observations in the report. However, Russian law does not expressly prohibit such actions, so we decided to specifically look into all the intricacies of the electoral law and then, perhaps, to protest.

In the city election commission rejected the data recorded on the alleged violations in the voting process.

- I have a pet topic of losers - voted out of sites - the municipal electoral commission chairman Anatoly Rykov. - Any observer can take part in the passing of flats and to make sure that any violations that did not exist.

A. Rykov stressed that any irregularities in the vote had not been observed in the protocols of territorial electoral commissions have been made.

- administrative resources during the elections is indeed used, but not quite in that form, as claimed by opposition leaders - commented on the political situation Mikhail Savva. - Intervention by the authorities revealed before the start of the campaign, when izbirkom refused to register for formal occasions, the two candidates who could make the intrigue in the process - that Alexander and Derek Nicholas Petrikov. When the disappeared even hint at the competition - has disappeared, and the interest of people in the elections, had to remind them of their civic duty sometimes very dubious methods.

elections in the capital of the Krasnodar Territory was held, the winner is named and identified outsiders. This is not just politicians, but also such important events as a civic duty and sense of what is happening in the country. The people do not want to vote for the head of the city, because I did not see in this sense - that the main outcome of elections, the mayor of Krasnodar. In the near future, the authorities will draw conclusions and to adapt launched a mechanism for development of local self-government under the new realities of the decline in political activity of Russian citizens. At first glance, the task seemed insurmountable. But the Russian bureaucracy and successfully emerged from a difficult situation.

Municipal afterword

not managed to otshumet quiet passion elected as krasnodartsy were the first municipal unpleasant surprise: a few parts of town, adjacent to the CHP, not two weeks off the hot water. As explained to citizens, energy specialists, repairs are planned, and is absolutely necessary in connection with the peculiarities of the technological process of exploitation CHP. The fact that the disconnection occurred on 19 September, the day following the day of voting, of course, pure coincidence. But maledictory townspeople in tridtsatigradusnuyu heat forced warm water on gas stoves or using an electric kettle, had syazvit: with such a good mayor of a wash in hot water - a luxury.

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