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Citizens call for the resignation of the mayor.

Batalii about samovolnoy up Stavropol, which has repeatedly wrote В«KomsomolkaВ», were naturally continued.

Remember how it started: in the middle of June, residents of three houses on the street Buynakskogo staged a protest against the illegal construction. Next to their emergency devyatietazhkami once again namerilis erect mnogoetazhku threatening the destruction of their homes. The protesters demanded an immediate halt to the building site and showed the documents on which it organized.

People lived in the field, warming up at a fire.

But the past three months, but the impasse has not happened. And, apparently in a dispute between the city and its residents has been the culmination. Which is understandable. If the officials do not react to the outrage of their citizens and inactive, even after «tent» ÂÄÅÎÉÊ, it is up to the revolution far.

During this time, residents of the street Buynakskogo realized that the two houses to deal with the authorities useless. And cast-cry of the city in search of similar unheeded. The long wait did not have, to our heroes joined People from different parts of the Stavropol. We all have the same problem: the construction site near their homes are illegal and are conducted with gross violations of building codes.

В«militiaВ» was founded by the city committee against the illegal construction of city and nominated В«headquartersВ».

- We have prepared an appeal to the governor, the mayor, regional and urban dumam, - says the chairman of protest committee Igor Markelov. - And described it prevails in the city building lawlessness. We have 13 addresses where people find themselves in situations similar to ours. A special case - on the Street. Morozov, 90. In six meters from the house built a new building, causing cracks appeared in the old width of 15 - 18 inches! Residents of the old houses have collected 53 of the document and filed in court. A judge 48 of them and seized the remaining issued a decision against the people. So, the power on every side of us throws. And we appeal to officials lamblike. We agree, but in reality do nothing.

tired of fruitless attempts to change anything stavropoltsy decided to arrange an action which should lead to an urban pause.

- We want to show us the master plan of building the city and stop the issuance of documents for the construction - one of the participants continued to share Valentine Savelyeva. - Let us show, whether in the construction of green areas, population density, high-risk facilities.

the meantime,

В«Authorities throws us!В»

After unsuccessful attempts to establish contact with the officials resulting heroes of our material went to a desperate step - organized a long-term action. The main requirement rigidly - the resignation of the mayor Dmitry Kuzmin. So far, only seven places В«zazhglis mayachkiВ» - for a variety of locations on duty, people collecting signatures of townspeople who faced the same problem. But if the action will be resonance, it is not excluded that the unrest will cover the entire city.

If you are in solidarity with the protesters, come at the following addresses:

1. Tukhachevskogo, 9 / 4

2. Buynakskogo, 6

3. Botanical, 3

4. Artema 7

5. Dzerzhinsky, 195 and 197

6. Pirogov, 26 / 2

7. 50 years VLKSM 7 / 4

8. VLKSM 50 years, 81 / 1

Participants pickets will be on duty here and collect signatures from 16.00 to 19.30 on weekdays and from 12.00 to 18.00 on weekends.

According to the organizers, we pickets, they will fight until victory, it is their duty will last for as long as you want until you have been declared urban pause.


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