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Officials receive bonuses just for the fact that go to work.

As for what the government of Stavropol region premium calculated?.

Krai Governor Alexander Montenegro at the end of June, signed a decree on the promotion of members of its staff. It follows that В«sverhokladnyeВ» money can be obtained in two ways.

The first and most difficult - the prize for В«the use of modern forms and methods of workВ» or В«the implementation of on-line large volume of unplanned workВ». Indeed, for this really should be encouraged. But for the calculation of the money committee of 13 officials should take appropriate action. And then, during the year, the total amount of such awards should not exceed 2 - 2.5 salary (depending on the category of worker).

There is a second way - the money charged for the promotion of В«the timely and qualitative performance of official dutiesВ» and В«respect for labor and executive disciplineВ». In doing so, such a premium could be half the salary and paid monthly. And then no action committee is not required. The chiefs of departments are preparing the lists, the governor signs.

That is, man is awarded for the fact that he came to my office, not late, and even worked! Begs the question: but what if he gets paid?

President control Chamber GDSK Andrew KOLESNIKOV:

- The wording of resolutions, of course, allows you to put such questions. But in fact this mechanism is not encouraging, and raise wages. And it concerns not the first echelon officials, and, let's say, the second - the third. Their low salaries, but they are really a lot. Federal law provides for a rigid salary for these categories of employees, but now live in two - two and a half thousand rubles - is unrealistic. Apparently, in order to increase real wages and it was the ruling.

ministers were unable to bring В«flow of creditВ»

course, evaluation of the quality of work - a subjective matter. But, for example, the regional Duma deputies justifiably expressed displeasure of the government. On Monday, chaired by Yuri Gontarya passed a workshop of people's elected representatives and leaders of the Duma apparatus. The most pressing issue - the budget-2006 boundary.

MPs immediately declared: that the government has offered to Stavropol, will not fit. The main characteristics and the whole concept of the budget as a whole worked out very poorly. And some of their positions and are contrary to Russian law. In particular, empyreal provincial budget deficit, the Government's far beyond the prescribed limits.

Or the government did not know to which they could В«not reduce flow of creditВ» - then they have no place in such high offices. Or are they mere copycat budget-2006 В«at randomВ» - as a result, and then let dumtsy deals.

But extreme left MPs. As such they can not take the budget - it immediately oprotestuet prosecutor's office. So, you need to rewrite - that is to carry out someone else's work.

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