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Head of Stavropol people is not subject!.

The people perplexed: how much can be otschipyvat of Stavropolski cake?.

The thing is that the residents of Stavropol no legal basis for revoking merskih powers! That is, people can be arbitrarily displeased by Dmitri Kuzmin, but ... can not do anything.

Regional Center is on the Charter of the city of Stavropol - our municipal constitution.

In this В«legal BibleВ», obligatory for all stavropoltsami clearly written:

Article 53. Early termination of the powers of head of the city

(1.) powers of the head of the city terminated prematurely in the case:

(1.1.) departure for permanent residence and work outside the territory of the city;

(1.2.) loss of citizenship of the Russian Federation;

(1.3.) entered into legal force of a court sentence;

(1.4.) recognition incompetent by a court decision, which came into force;

(1.5.) death;

(1.6.) election or appointment, employment which is incompatible with the implementation of powers of the head of the city;

(1.7.) that the item is excluded by a decision of the Stavropol city council (of 23.10.2002  183);

(1.8.) election to the City Duma;

(1.9.) access to public office;

(1.10.) reorganization, the abolition of the municipality;

(1.11.) a written statement on the resignation of its powers.

In other words, to withdraw his merskie powers Dmitry either himself or by a court decision.

That's it!

We are interested in urban deputies deleted paragraph (1.7). Porylis in archives and marveled. More precisely, it is such a turn of events we expected, but still much surprised. Notorious decision of 23 October 2002 can be called В«the October revolutionВ» across Stavropol. This ruling removed an item that looked like this:

(1.7.) revoked in the manner prescribed by the law of the Stavropol region.

That is, until this decision, people still could withdraw mayor. Since then - no. And the same decision, the Duma in the city introduced an elected post of vice-mayor. The document signed by the Chairman of the City Duma, Andrey Utkin (current vice-mayor) and the head of the administration Dmitry Kuzmin (current mayor). So it was thought previously.

Recall that the election of mayor and vice mayor was held one year after the adoption of the Duma decision.

So the impact on what we already can not. But can В«pleasedВ» at least what stavropoltsy himself chose a very far-sighted leaders ...

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