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In Karachayevo-Cherkessia is maturing conflict around funerals of those killed on the testimony of Ali Kaitova.

In Karachayevo-Cherkessia was a question about the funeral of seven people killed on the night of October 11 in the country Kaitova Ali, son-in-law the president of the republic, Mustafa Batdyeva.

Recall that the bodies of those killed were found on 8 November on the plateau near Kumysh aul Karachay region of the country. Now all the bodies are on the expertise in Rostov-on-Don.

Today Fatima Bogatyryova, sister of the deputy People's Assembly of Karachayevo-Cherkessia Rasul Bogatyrev, who was killed in the country Kaitova, told IA REGNUM: "Today, the prosecutor's office, we were informed that the bodies of our children will be brought from Rostov one. We repeatedly asked to bring all at once, and bury them sobirali together. Pozvonili head of the investigation team Prosecutor General Boris Karnauhovu, he is now in Rostov, asked about the case. Karnaukhov said, that nothing can not do - this is a decision guidance Karachayevo-Cherkessia. In turn, President Batdyev told our members that any relation to the prosecutor's office does not have and did not give any indication. Is that not a provocation? "

father of another murder, Sadiq Khapaev, believes that the authorities are afraid of large concentrations of people to bury the dead, which could result in natural protest:

"We have long discouraged bury children together and talked to us about the Mufti Berdiyev, deputy chairman of the government, Ruslan Kochkarov. All talk - no need to bury those killed together. Why do not need it, do not say, but we know -- authorities feared that the funeral will be held too many people. In fact, the relatives will come all at once the seven dead. And what we will share charred bones and ashes? No. We will bury all together. This issue has already been settled and the other will not. "

Magomed Kubanov, journalist, father of another murder, in a conversation with the news agency REGNUM was more emotional: "Before leaving the brutal power! We are not even allowed to bury their children with dignity. What is their cause? Why here need to intervene and to humiliate us? "

Relatives of those killed also expressed dissatisfaction with recent statements by the president of Karachayevo-Cherkessia, Mustafa Batdyeva. Fatima Bogatyryova said IA REGNUM: "We demand the resignation of the president, not Al-Qaeda. All the terrorists we are not manipulated. What is common between the legitimate desire to live in a normal legal society without the criminal authorities and international terrorism, why because of the resignation of one small can of President Russia collapse? "

Fatima Bogatyryova on behalf of all family members also expressed dismay at the statement today, the Deputy Russian Prosecutor General's report on YUFO Nikolai Shepel, a disclosure stating the killing of seven people in the country Kaitova.

According to Bogatyryova, the relatives had the impression that the prosecutor's office is unwilling to make serious allegations very brother-in-law of President.

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