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В«StrongholdsВ» economy.

Tomorrow - Day of the housing and utilities and consumer services.

Governor A. Montenegro congratulated all members of the Housing and consumer services with their professional holiday. В«Your work every day and every hour affects everyone - says the welcome - indeed, the housing and communal services and the scope of public services -В« strongholds В»the country's economy and the province. The results of their work projected on virtually every industry and in many ways now define the social welfare of society В».

In welcoming the edge of the State Duma Chairman Yu çÏÎÔÁÒÑ, in particular, reads: «The work of this vital sector of life is worthy of great respect. The results - it is light, water, heat in the apartments, improving streets, repairing houses and roads, household appliances and even a lot of good deeds, so that our life has become a convenient and comfortable ». Speaker wished all kommunalnikam and bytovikam edge of health, happiness and prosperity.

on the professional holiday of all public utilities and public services also congratulated the head of the city of Stavropol D. Kuz'min.

eve professional holiday had good news: all utilities Stavropol, took part in the annual All-Russian competition for the best organization, a place of utilities for efficiency in the new economic conditions, took the top places . This SUE Housing Izobilnenskogo area MUE В«Housing FactoryВ» Zheleznovodsk HOAs additional vocational education training center for training and retraining В«ProgressВ», as well as three companies Budennovska - MUE В«GorelektrosetВ», CBM В«Housing Operating TrustВ» and В«The Office of Utilities Management of Budennovska - Customer Service В».

Almost smoothly utilities conducted the current heating season, but ahead of them is a lot of work. Spring had trouble cleaning the streets, bringing order to the cities and villages. In summer, they begin to prepare for future winter is the season of active repairs, reconstruction dilapidated networks and equipment.

Last year, for example, was replaced by 52 boilers, 82 km razvodyaschih networks and the main water pipes, rehabilitated 60 km of power lines, major repairs were 222 homes and 264 of the roof.

Of course, this only partially solves the problem of backlog in the industry.

Depreciation water and sewerage networks is 80%, heat - 65%, electric - about 50%, the equipment worn out by 70%.

service workers also mark their professional holiday tomorrow, which met with good results. Last year they finished with an increase of almost 114% from the 2002-th. Over the past seven years, the provision of public services has increased twice, and the number of employed in the sector increased from 9 thousand to 19 thousand people.

At the solemn meeting dedicated to employee housing sector and consumer services, the best specialists of these areas have received orders and medals, industry awards, and certificates of merit. They are thanked for the work of the Governor A. Montenegro, the first deputy chairman of the government - Minister of Economic Development and Trade B. Gaevsky, Vice-Chairman of the Government - Minister of housing and communal services, construction and architecture A. nuts.

Photo: Tatiana Gnezdilova to ensure that the water used by residents of the regional center, is consistent with the standards of composition and quality. Tatyana Ivanovna - laboratorian himlaboratorii MUE В«VodokanalВ» Stavropol and for eleven years at the company gained experience and skills to firmly establish itself among the best specialists of their service.

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