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В«Pozorno highВ».

So the number of homeless in the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting in the Philippines unique.

Last Wednesday in the Stavropol Territory to participate in the interregional meeting В«On the status and measures to ensure law and order, public safety, crime prevention, combating terrorism and extremismВ» arrived Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Before the start of the meeting the president visited the central hospital number 5 IPU Russia, where treatment is Mineralovodskogo Affairs Officer Major Alexander Dmitriev and police officer Georgievsk ROVD police captain Ramazan Taglanov. Thanks to their vigilance and dedication of the recently managed to prevent a terrorist act - and, perhaps, not one.

President warmly thanked the police and handed them to the government awards - medals В«For CourageВ».

Of Mineral Waters presidential motorcade traveled to Yessentuki. Here, in the administration of CMS, Vladimir Putin met with the families of policemen killed in battle with terrorists.

- I want to thank you for what you have next to these people, for having raised and supported them, - he said the widows and parents of the deceased.

President conveyed to the storage В«Golden StarВ» Hero of Russia widow of a senior sergeant A. Kurbanova and father of Sergeant M. Suleymanov. These border guards were killed in battle with one of the leaders of Chechen bandit R. Gelaevym. Another В«Golden StarВ» Vladimir Putin awarded the widow of Lieutenant Colonel V. Shatova, who died while carrying out special tasks. Order of Courage, awarded by Lieutenant Mineralovodskogo ATM I. Borzov and Senior Lieutenant Georgievsk ROVD R. Vershinin, the president handed them widows - Helen Prokofevne and Natalia Pavlovna.

opening the meeting, attended by plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Southern Federal District Vladimir Yakovlev, and the Governor of Stavropol Territory A. Montenegro, the leaders of the main offices of the Interior of all the seven federal districts of Russia, as well as senior officials of Ministry of Internal Affairs, the President noted that this is not accidental meeting is being held in the South of Russia.

here, along with the general trend is, and has its own specificity, which has a direct effect on the crime situation in the country.

Obviously, in 90 years, taking advantage of the unstable economic environment, the weakening of the state, formed in the North Caucasus organized crime Wednesday. Many have contributed to the rise of crime and widespread unemployment, poverty, socio-economic disorder and uncontrolled migration of people. All this - breeding ground of crime, one of the main conditions for its existence.

criminal threat and instability of public order, the President, is a serious obstacle to the normal development and the North Caucasus, and the Southern Federal District, and the country as a whole. They are hampered in attracting investment, to organize a normal, effective economic life, to solve social problems.

- we simply must protect the economy against criminal pressure and bureaucratic racketeering, - Putin said.

He also noted that it was essential for root to prevent any inter-ethnic conflicts that need to end the slave trade and the arms market.

Particular attention is given to neutralize the president asked for crimes such as murders, robberies, kidnapping and terrorism.

fact that the facts of terrorism still occur, it is regarded as evidence of failures in the security forces.

President demanded to identify new methods of combating terrorism, aim to achieve results through the inter-agency cooperation of all law enforcement agencies.

Separately, Putin referred to the problems of internal affairs bodies in the establishment of peaceful life in Chechnya. There, criminal groups have often merged with the remnants of the bandit. And although the national and local law enforcement agencies now have all the human and technical capacity, federal and district authorities are obliged to provide them with the utmost care.

- This is a national cause - said the president.

In his speech, Putin said, and the major unresolved problems that exist in the country in the field of protection of public order. In the first place, has not yet been able to curb the growing number of crimes against the person. Ongoing criminal and corruption pressure on the economy, especially in small and medium business. Many questions have and the quality and reliability of departmental statistics. Still in the course of the old tricks such as the refusal to open criminal cases and the falsification of statistical line. There is still a large number of outstanding cases. This violates the principle of inevitability of punishment and adversely affect public morality.

with special anguish the president talked about the rising crime rate among adolescents and children, which is registered in all federal districts.

- The number of homeless, street children great shame for Russia - Vladimir Putin noted.

Kosnulsya he and administrative reform, which inevitably affect the internal affairs bodies. And the main thing - to eliminate any overlap in their work.

B. Putin does not hide that he was very much hope the new leadership of the MVD.

After the speech, the president and the opening words of the Minister of Internal Affairs R. Nurgalieva meeting continued behind closed doors. By the end of R. Nurgaliyev met with reporters and talked about what was discussed at this neordinarnom event.

was considered the criminal situation in the Russian Federation. Given that the meeting was attended by leaders of all major offices of the Interior Ministry, had set specific goals, including the terms of their priority in each federal district.

If we talk about the Southern Federal District, said R. Nurgaliev, the most important fight against terrorism and corruption and the decriminalization of the economy.

For each of the areas were set tasks for the near future. But most importantly, as saying the meeting is the restoration of the principle of inevitability of punishment for the crimes committed.

Minister explained to journalists that he meant by streamlining MIA:

- should be our function to be aligned with the realities of today.

R. Nurgaliyev gave an example: the suppression of crimes in the economy in the twentieth century and now requires a different approach. Alter the economic arrangements, and employees of the Internal Affairs continues to operate the old methods. It is therefore necessary to develop adequate measures. In addition, it is necessary to prepare the relevant staff who are able to comply with new conditions these objectives. Minister of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation praised the actions of the Interior of the Stavropol region, which thwarted a terrorist act. In his opinion, they acted vysokoprofessionalno, displayed courage and heroism.

Immediately after the meeting, Russian President Vladimir Putin returned to Sochi, where on Thursday opened a forum of the North Caucasus.

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