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Demand mortgage loans in the Great - confident OPTBanke.

Mortgage lending in Moscow has become a familiar thing.

At current prices for housing, even the top of the middle class is hardly able to improve their housing problems without the involvement of borrowing. Poorer residents of the Moscow region, helping banks to buy housing in the suburbs. With some assumptions, you can talk about the formation of the mortgage market in St. Petersburg. But in Russia mortgage is something ephemeral, said "Finmarket-Business", it is much talk, but do not touch.

Of course, there is a program AHML, especially in regions, and many banks are implementing it. However, not every local bank is able to pull it, not to mention the creation of their own mortgage program.

Meanwhile, the capital of credit organizations Depth no rush, preferring to hustle in the Moscow region and St. Petersburg.

explanation on the surface. Even in Moscow, it is difficult to judge the prospects for mortgages. But here, at least, is money. The province is largely poor, and investments in the development of mortgage infrastructure just seems to be justified. Among those few optimists - OPTBank. His leadership is still expects to succeed in the regions. If the mortgage will, sooner or later volumes of the regional market will catch up capital indicators, and the market it will be very attractive, and therefore highly competitive. The advantage will be the one who came here first. Today OPTBank operates in five federal districts. In addition to Moscow and the Moscow region, he gives out mortgages in Yaroslavl, Omsk, Novorossiysk. In the Omsk has granted loans for 18 million rubles in Novorossiisk - at 8.8 million, and it is with much smaller amounts of loans, compared with the capital region. Begins work bank in Nizhny Novgorod and Kaliningrad. Under the organization - branch in Rostov-on-Don, and future plans - Volgograd.

Selecting regions to work on the mortgage program is not random. This is not only the result of monitoring of their demand, market research. "The specifics of the mortgage lending programs OPTBanka - providing loans for housing stroyascheesya. Especially in this market segment is the mandatory nature of the joint programs: the bank is working closely with investors. Therefore, the regions in which we are beginning to work - it is a region where the work or begin to work our partners, investors, "- explains Andrew Silk, director of the credit department OPTBanka.

The bank has its own specificity, in their own regions. We have to take into account this factor. According to Andrew Silk, regional specificity is often linked to the performance of core businesses, the location of the city. "As an example of Novorossiysk, where a significant number of our borrowers account for seafarers employed on contracts. This required a major adjustment in the standard methods for assessing the solvency of the region" - says Andrew Silk. In addition, the specifics depend on the standard of living in the region, the level of wages. A feature is also a much smaller size of the loans, since home outside Moscow and near suburbs is much cheaper.

Regional specifics and a certain narrowness makes the choice of mortgage programs, as compared to the set, which is available in Moscow.

In regions OPTBank offers long-term credit standards AHML in which credit is provided in rubles for up to 27 years. In doing so, the Bank does not advance the currency mortgage programs, believing they were not sufficient demand. But despite this, as well as the relatively small experience OPTBanka regions of specialists it is clear: the demand for mortgage loan products is great, and the proposals from the banks is not enough. In such circumstances OPTBank only the beginning of the year increased its loan portfolio due to regional borrowers, more than 35.5 million rubles. And so confident in the bank, only the beginning.

Today OPTBank works in the regions through their own representation. Their staff have consulted on the mortgage, conducting outreach, while providing a credit carries out its head office.

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