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The mayor of Rostov-on-Don outraged bad work "Don utility systems."

Mayor Michael Rostova Chernishev severely criticized and condemned the actions of management of JSC "Don utility systems" - a subsidiary of OAO RKS.

This is the press service of the Administration of Rostov-on-Donu.Kak knew IA REGNUM, the reason for the dramatic statement by the head of the Administration of Rostov was the limitation of gas supply companies CBM "Teplokommunenergo, which led to a halt just four Rostov boiler - to Streetwork Patsaeva, 5 / 6, Sholokhova, 310, ul.Yufimtseva, 17 and per.Belogorskom, 98.

Today heat in Rostov-on-Don is the company "Don utility system (BCS).

In late 2003, QSR has signed an agreement on the lease of "Teplokommunenergo and from January 1, those facilities managed. In the city, stressed the press service of Rostov mayor, it took a positive step, because the parish BCS, as a subsidiary of the company "Russian utility systems, the potential was sent to bring in Rostov utilities of modern management, investment, advanced technology. All of this was to improve the quality of services provided. However, BCS, according to the press service of the municipality, has still not issued a license to produce heat, and therefore was unable to conclude an agreement on gas deliveries with OOO Rostovregiongaz. Previously, such a contract entered into with the gas industry "Teplokommunenergo, which has not been designed for the consumption of natural gas (debt of millions of rubles). However, to regain the debt CBM alone can not, as from January 1, all the financial flows of the organization transferred to the "Don utility system." The resulting situation has forced "Rostovregiongaz" impose restrictions on the supply of fuel of the debtor.

Implications of the "Rostovregiongaza" to recover the debt in the mayor's office praised as PE. "We take this as the present emergency, - underlined the mayor .- We have not had cuts the last four years." As a result of the gas debt has been paid to the budget of Rostov. According to Mikhail Chernyshev, the city administration has been forced to take this step because "the municipalities are responsible for the structure of everyday life rostovchan for the normal operation of the social sphere." March 26, the money was transferred. On the same day the boiler running, and again returned home rostovchan heat and hot water. Commenting on this situation, Mikhail Chernyshev said: "Today we are not talking about that potoropilis conclude an agreement with Don utility systems." However, when a new cooperation agreement with the BCS, we will insist on the mandatory inclusion of a paragraph that prohibits disconnection of homes and social objects Rostova. And such a ban will apply in all circumstances. " We can not allow residents of the city suffered because of non-action of those responsible for working with people.

I am confident that the management of Don utility system should reconsider its attitude "- a statement made by the Mayor of Rostov-on-Don, Mikhail Chernyshev.

As a result of uncoordinated actions of individuals affected are those who regularly pay for heat in their apartments. It is up to the depth of soul and outraged Mikhail Chernyshev. "We are very well prepared for this season. Heat run in record time frame for the city for a week. We have virtually no accidents and malfunctions. And, suddenly, two weeks before the end of the heating season, this incident." City authorities were even prepared to accept tough measures, only to return the heat in the apartment citizens. But fortunately, to resort to such measures do not have to. According to the mayor, the event - an occasion to reflect on how competently complete and the current heating season, and most importantly, to prepare for the next season. For this to happen the mobilization of all enterprises and organizations working in the housing sector, responsible for a comfortable stay in Rostov-on-Don. A city government, for its part, will ensure firm control over the smooth and effective operation of these companies.

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