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The corrupted - to find the bandits.

Any bribery seen as aiding terrorists demanded the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of Russia's Southern Federal District, Dmitry Kozak, the first time in his new capacity at a meeting with the heads of republics, territories and regions south of Russia, room

As we have reported on the first day his working visit to Stavropol Dmitry Kozak, met in the administration of the CMS with the heads of the regional government, ministers, deputies GDSK, which reported on the socio - economic situation in the province. According to the Governor Alexander Chernogorova, the regional government that has stood the test with dignity. On the second day of the authorized representative in the morning visited the Karachayevo-Cherkessia, and the afternoon held a meeting with the heads of subjects of the Russian Federation, which gave a speech that could be safely described as software.

First of all, Dmitry Kozak reminded the crowd that the President of the Russian Federation established a commission to coordinate the activities of federal executive bodies in YUFO. Its mission - to analyze the situation, identify effective ways of overcoming the existing problems and to begin immediate implementation of the decisions.

situation in southern Russia known.

This lack of dynamics in the economy in most regions, the high dotatsionnost, the unfavorable investment climate, lack of economic activity of citizens and low income of most of the population, unemployment, rampant criminality.

But Dmitry Kozak suggested that the main focus is not on the observation, but on identifying the causes and conditions leading to these phenomena, the formulation of proposals to effectively overcome the negative trends.

the first in a series of measures authorized representative of President called fair competition. To create equal conditions for citizens to access to material, financial and other resources - is one of the most important functions of the state. The experience of countries with market economies confirms that unfair competition is a major brake on development. Known and effective way of recovery: power should be excluded from the process at all levels of competition.

breeding ground for unfair competition - corruption. Dmitry Kozak acknowledged that bribery has penetrated not only in the federal, regional and local structures of the executive, the legislature, but also struck by the law enforcement and judicial authorities. It is not yet overcome this phenomenon, the authorized representative stressed, do not even talk about the revitalization of economic activity, investment attractiveness. In addition, corruption provides a loophole for criminals.

And because the authorized representative said that henceforth any bribery will be seen as abetting terrorism and banditry.

It is also important to develop mechanisms that exclude the diversion of budgetary funds. So far, unfortunately, a widespread practice, when budgets write some goals and then use the money to others. Authorized representative is convinced that the В«leftВ» path is almost always associated with the theft.

- If there is a need to fund other purposes, the argumentiruyte proves - called on leaders of regions, Dmitry Kozak. - And then we will transfer funds or to seek additional resources. But any diversion of budgetary funds - is also aiding those who seek to weaken the country.

With regard to budgetary YUFO, it is considerably higher than the transfers that are allocated to other entities of the Russian Federation.

As Dmitriy, today we employ the entire country.

He said that at the beginning of this week allocated additional federal budget revenues. So: the investment program В«South of RussiaВ» in excess of the 2004 budget has been allocated 1 billion 717 million rubles. And in the future, assured the authorized representative, funding problems will not be, but on condition that YUFO not turn to the budget money in В«black holeВ». And for this it is necessary to set priorities and use the funds strictly for the purposes intended.

Ostanovilsya Dmitry Kozak and the reform of the executive branch. The Russian government is now moving towards the principle of soft-earmarked funding of federal executive authorities and the assessment of their activities, not in terms of delivery of money, but the end result. Authorized representative invited to move to this method and YUFO. The findings should be made on the work of each executive body of the federal and regional authorities. With regard to the local government, it is necessary to determine the organizational and legal methods to assess their work. And it should be clearly understood: for all the individual person is responsible, leading the appropriate scope. This responsibility must be borne not only to supervisors, but also to the citizens. To do so, should develop mechanisms to ensure transparency of all government action, bringing to public information easy and affordable. To everyone can understand and assess.

further in closed session the head of department of social and economic development apparatus plenipotentiary representative of Russian President YUFO Alexander Kolganov reported on the outcome of the economy and social sphere for the first nine months, Assistant authorized representative Oleg Safonov -- on the work of law enforcement and the fight against crime in YUFO. Since then, leaders of the Federation subjects discussed the most important issues in the region.

After the meeting, Dmitry Kozak told journalists that an agreement on the establishment of mechanisms for interaction between federal and regional executive authorities.

- This is about establishing a working unit the Council of Heads of regions to develop proposals to improve federal, regional and local policies in the economic, social fields and in the fight against crime -- authorized representative explained to the president.

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