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23 thousand people visited the car forum in Krasnodar.
In Sochi open international economic forum "Kuban-2004".
Russian edition of Forbes magazine published the list of 100 richest businessmen of Russia.
В«Previously wrote the music for the people, and now for the show-businessВ».
Preparing for anal sex: tips pornstars.
Fisting: technique, posture, and other useful tips.
In Volgograd, a brothel covered with "mature" prostitutes.
Rostov opposition tried to open the veins during the arrest.
Under Gazprom's reeled pipe.
Krasnodar "choke" without the 2018 World Cup.

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30 The Case of the Astrakhan orphanage.
Intermediate test results for homes for mentally retarded children in the village Raznochinovka were announced at the meeting of the Committee on Health and Social Development of the Duma of the Astrakhan region ..
30 Fishing power.
A wave of demonstrations against the toll of fishing in many cities of Russia on March 26, could not ignore the Astrakhan ..
30 Give elite cottages on the gutters!.
The web-site of building company "Neva" in the presentation of the project put up for sale 118 one-and two-storey houses, which soon will begin to build upon the glade Mamayskoy ..
30 Smartphones and mobile provoke a new disease.
Most recently it was believed that the disease of the joints of hands - it is the prerogative only of programmers and those who for various reasons, long been a campaign with a computer ..
28 Radioactive products from Japan in the Stavropol.
Rospotrebnadzor of the Stavropol Region commenced work to identify food products produced in Japan.
27 What would bring a woman to orgasm stormy.
Scientists claim that almost every woman has an orgasm is a complete fusion with a partner, whereas for men orgasm - it is only satisfaction of physiological needs ..
25 Four defendants convicted of poaching in Astrakhan.
Ikryaninsky District Court sentenced four residents of the republic of Dagestan to eight months imprisonment in a penal colony, finding them guilty of poaching.
25 The team Raznochinovskogo orphanage seeks protection from the Russian President.
Team Raznochinovskogo orphanage for mentally handicapped children from the Astrakhan region appealed to the governor of the region Alexander Zhilkin and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in an open letter, which complains about the journalists.
24 The truth about lesbian love.
In the popular media there is a perception that most women in his youth gain experience same-sex love ..
24 The temperament of women depends on blood group.
A scientist from Japan Masahiko by us in the seventies argued that to judge the sexual temperament of a person can be by blood group. Subsequently, his theory has been refined followers.
24 Year and a half to the hacker, who showed pornorolik.
A resident of Novorossiysk was 1,5 years "strogacha" for broadcasting pornorolika in central Moscow.
24 Freestuff Wi-fi in the Krasnodar park.
The first line in Russia free Wi-Fi plans to open in Krasnodar park named Zhukov ..
23 New rules for health insurance.
Medicaid under the policy is now available in every region of the country. On March 21 in Russia to operate the new law on mandatory health insurance ..
22 Pierre Richard joined the ranks of the Don Cossacks.
According to the "blond in yellow boots, he now lacks only the horse.
21 Does your house stand an earthquake?.
World shocked tragedy in Japan, the event is rapidly changing for the worse, and certainly everyone was asking myself this question: what if? ".
18 Size matters?.
The size of the penis care of almost all men, but whether this means that the more the better? Is the size effect on the sexual life of men and on his success with the fair sex?.
18 In Volgograd, a brothel covered with "mature" prostitutes.
In the 45 - Baba berry again. In the relevance of this saying personally seen the police in Volgograd, having covered a brothel, where customers serve mature prostitutes between the ages of 45 and above. .
17 Tkachev ordered to investigate the situation with Nikezhichem.
Governor of the Krasnodar Territory and the President of FC Kuban Alexander Tkachev said that yesterday, 15 March, has asked law enforcement to investigate the situation with the Montenegrin Nikola Nikezhichem.
17 In Krasnodar, from a woman's eyes removed a live worm.
In the Krasnodar branch of IRTC "Eye Microsurgery of eye patients have learned a worm length of 9.5 cm
12 The ancient men had penises with spikes.
What scientists have found, during the evolution of man lost his studs in his penis. This allowed him to get real pleasure from sex ..
09 Top 10 Games for girls.
Flash games for girls have significant differences from those games, which usually prefer to play the boys. Girly games do not involve any violence, fights, blood and fire. .
09 Top 10 games for the boys.
Games for boys, even in real life, different speed and heat, requiring members of dexterity and ingenuity. These benefits have always lead its owner to the pinnacle of success! .
09 Correct posture and orgasm. The relationship is obvious.
"Inattentive selfish" - do you think angrily, turning to the wall ... Familiar? What's the matter? Maybe not worth it, as usual, for the umpteenth time to blame the man? Getting an orgasm (or not) depends on the woman ..
09 Girl on top: options for poses.
The position of "woman on top" or as it is called, "rider", not for nothing that takes the place of one of the most popular item for both lovers of sex ..
09 Scientists on the traces of extraterrestrial life in meteorites.
The meteorites found probable traces of extraterrestrial life.
09 Volgograd swept the second wave of SARS and influenza.
In Volgograd Oblast and Volgograd, a new wave of the epidemic of SARS and influenza.
09 Ukraine gave Russia Vova outrage from Kushchevskaya.
A member of the gang "hoe" Vladimir Alekseev, nicknamed Lawlessness ceded to Ukraine by Russian law enforcement bodies.
08 Stimulation of the clitoris: how to satisfy a woman.
Sexual Harmony - it's sex life, pleasure to both partners ..
07 SMS-congratulations on March 8!.
Especially on the day on March 8, we have chosen for you the best SMS greetings from March 8, original greeting sms, and of course funny sms-ki. .
07 All that "should" woman, with eyes of men.
1. A woman should cease to be a female and become a person ..
07 Products that make you prettier.
You are what you eat - the Americans say. You should have something that will make you prettier, says in his book entitled "The Beauty Diet" ("Diet for a beauty), Dr. Lisa Drayer ..
06 Apostate will give a voice.
Faithful a partner? Whose number in his mobile phone? Why it is delayed at work the third day? What kind of hair on his shirt? Who zafrendil it into a social network?.
06 The truth about sex during menstruation.
Most women prefer to avoid sex during menstruation. There are many stereotypes about this ..
06 Called the name of "Miss Russia 2011".
5 March at Barvikha Luxury Village В»was chosen the most beautiful woman in Russia, now it will be able to represent his country at the prestigious Miss World and Miss Universe. .
05 The second letter was written in 1950 on March 3.
On the Internet, a new open letter, written on the basis of the Yukos case, this time in defense of the judicial system from the "information attack" and "unprecedented pressure". .
05 50 congratulations to March 8.
Shpargalochka for postcards and more.
05 Rescuers and police are looking for a missing child.
Rescue workers, police and local residents, only about 250 people, organized a five-year search for a girl missing on Tuesday night in the city of Kamensk-Shakhtinsky (Rostov region).
04 Ekovahty activists detained in "giving Tkachev, sought asylum in Germany.
Activists Ekovahty Suren Ghazarian and Zufar Achilov detained at "giving Tkachev in Tuapse district, wrote a letter asking for political asylum at the German Embassy.
04 Unusual gifts to the girl on March 8.
What a woman does not appreciate an original gift? Knowing the interests and preferences of a person, it can present a stylish and unusual gifts girl on March 8 ..
04 March 8, in the office.
March 8 is not just a Women's Day, an international day of struggle for women's rights. This struggle is rooted in the distant 1857, has since passed a lot of demonstrations of various shares and conferences. .
04 As noted on March 8.
How to congratulate his favorite March 8
Flowers and Gift - March 8, required attributes, but to your other half remember this holiday for a long time, try to surprise her ...
03 What you need to know about the toothpaste.
Toothpaste - a familiar attribute of hygiene that many rarely think about what exactly is included in its composition. Our korresponlent figured out what kinds of toothpastes are, how they differ and what is useful and harmful to our teeth.
03 Narkotester included in the school.
Capital MPs offer to do a survey on drug dependence must for schoolchildren and students are allowed to open the information component of medical confidentiality. .
03 For "Police" on the auto disempower?.
02 STSI asks drivers to come up with a new appeal to the inspectors.
The new head of traffic police in Moscow, Alexander Ilyin appealed to drivers to come up with a request to appeal to the traffic cop.
02 Educated people blood pressure better than the uneducated.
The more educated people, blood pressure better than the less educated. This dependence confirms once again the link between socioeconomic status and risk of disease, particularly cardiovascular diseases.
02 Amateur fishing will be paid!.
For recreational fishing Rosryblovstvo wants 75 billion of charges.
02 The creator of one of the 2014 Olympics mascots accused of plagiarism.
The head of Sochi 2014 Dmitry Chernyshenko said that the copyright to one of three characters of the Sochi games "have been cleaned and cleaned, and refuted the accusations of plagiarism, that is, the repetition of character Olympics-80.
02 Mascots Sochi-2014 "decorate" advertising.
Logos of famous companies to place on the Bear's scarf and the board of Leopard. .
02 Top-5 of the Rostov winter.
If we talk about the TOP-5 zimy-2010/2011, then we can say that the Don very cold. In the first place - in international relations, and in general the winter: not enough snow, but the policy - more than enough ..
02 Stavropol drivers are not ready to issue new licenses.
It is not yet ready equipment for the issuance of driver's license.

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