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23 thousand people visited the car forum in Krasnodar.
In Sochi open international economic forum "Kuban-2004".
Russian edition of Forbes magazine published the list of 100 richest businessmen of Russia.
В«Previously wrote the music for the people, and now for the show-businessВ».
Preparing for anal sex: tips pornstars.
Fisting: technique, posture, and other useful tips.
In Volgograd, a brothel covered with "mature" prostitutes.
Rostov opposition tried to open the veins during the arrest.
Under Gazprom's reeled pipe.
Krasnodar "choke" without the 2018 World Cup.

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28 Judge Danilkin: Khodorkovsky Verdict I wrote one.
Danilkin: They did not call, do not come, did not indicate to anyone not consulted on the Khodorkovsky verdict
28 Attention! In Astrakhan, a new type of fraud ".
In the market of bank cards, a new fraud scheme. Across the country, the scheme has been operating for two years, but came to Astrakhan recently ..
28 In Russia, Libya and Egypt is maturing?.
Sociologists capture sharp increase in dissent in Russia, although the mass protests, in their opinion, is still unlikely. .
28 February 28 starts carnival week.
The majority of Russians are pleased to Shrovetide, almost 80 percent going to next week pancakes, such data leads sociologists to the Levada Center.
25 Frankly - with the parents on death from Domodedovo.
Domodedovo terrorist blew up the infidels, but it turned out that first blew the life of his own family. .
25 A license to hunt the homeless.
"Unfortunately, we do not have a license to shoot the homeless, and other legitimate ways to cope with them today," - Mayor regrets Cheats Anatoly Mikhalev. .
24 Rostov investigators found a stash of prostitution.
Employees CFP  2 (through the Criminal Investigation), Department of Internal Affairs for the Rostov region have stopped the work of a brothel for prostitution, which existed for five years.
24 In Volgograd, held a "Russian March".
In Volgograd, the city authorities took sanctioned rally supporters ideas of nationalism and patriotism "Russian march".
24 Small change children: Threats to the removal of children from politically unreliable people are becoming common practice.
Children in Russia are increasingly being used as a tool for settling political or financial accounts between adults ..
24 ROC has denied the information about the construction at Gelendzhik "give the patriarch."
Russian Orthodox Church has denied reports of construction under the Gelendzhik "giving the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill", which claims to be fighting with disabilities.
22 Criminal cases on violations during delivery of the exam is not given.
Two high-profile scandal gross irregularities during the exam, run out ... a refusal to initiate criminal cases.
22 The Olympic flame will light the Sochi 2014 from space.
Russia in Sochi in 2014 decided to show the world the status of space superpower - to light the Olympic flame from space and write in the sky greeting the audience ..
22 Apples help slow the aging process.
British experts claim that the constant use of apples helps to slow down the aging process by 20 percent.
22 Oral sex is deadly.
The main cause of cancers of the mouth and throat in people younger than 50 years was a virus transmitted during oral sex. .
22 Women's legs predict life expectancy.
Experts from the Foundation of vascular disease found that the prevention of serious diseases of the girls should pay close attention to your feet, or more precisely, on the condition of blood vessels. .
22 What kind of IQ taken in the riot.
Frank story about the riot policeman inside the kitchen.
21 Erotic Surprise Loved One on February 23.
A loved one, at least occasionally, you need to make surprises, to give gifts, present a pleasant surprise ..
21 Prelude "hearty blowjob for a loved one.
Do you want to tease her lover so that he saw "the sky with diamonds"? Recommendation sex expert Jessica Perez, who believes that this will be a prelude sverhromantichnoy and impressive.
21 5 female bugs in bed.
What makes a woman unique in bed? Men of different ages and backgrounds to answer this question have converged in the same ..
21 A hearing in a criminal case a deputy district Kushchevskaya Sergei Dziuba.
Pervomaisky district court of Krasnodar began a preliminary hearing in a criminal case against deputy Kushchevskaya District Council Sergei Dziuba and two local residents of Alexander Popov and Tatiana Alekseenko.
21 Don Cossack Republic is dangerous for Russia.
Prosecutors warned of the Don Cossack Republic of the inadmissibility of extremist activity.
21 Extremists in the universities of Rostov.
Militia Management in Rostov indicated strong spread of extremism among young people in the region.
21 Streets of Stavropol patrol volunteers.
On the streets of the regional center out voluntary militias. Together with law enforcement officials, they maintain public order, engaged in prevention and suppression of crime, conduct preventive conversations with young people.
21 "Santa Claus kill Putin and his ban" - now on trial for freedom of speech.
Stavropolets appear before the court for an inscription in an underpass.
21 Khodorkovsky: the sentence was not written Danilkin; see what's happening in Egypt at the Manege people demanded "respect for yourself."
Ex-Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky in an interview with "Authority" expressed confidence that the verdict did not he bore Judge Victor Danilkin, and "several people who were not present at the trial, as well as to speculate about the danger of social revolt in Russia.
18 Why men are afraid of the bed.
What are plagued by fears of our men, turning them from self-confident in a handsome shy boys? "I said: get up!" He lives his normal macho man, accustomed to the huge success of women and the secret envy of men. .
18 The Bible shows sex?.
American scientists have tried to figure out what really affects the problem of sex in the holy book of the Bible. .
18 25 facts about the popular body part.
Perhaps no part of the human body from ancient times to the present day shall not be granted as much attention as the buttocks. They then boast, censured, but he never remained indifferent to them ..
18 Anna Chapman began the campaign with the operation.
During a visit to Volgograd ex-intelligence officer pay for expensive surgery on her eyes eight girl ..
18 For the urban poor open new cafes.
In Volgograd, there will be new social table. .
18 Stavropol farewell to the dead in Belomechetskoy policemen.
Stavropol farewell to the dead on Tuesday during a special operation near the village Belomechetskoy staff militia special forces police the region: Senior Lieutenant Sergey Arapova, Senior Lieutenant Maxim Lugovskii and sniper instructor.
17 Women's fantasies about big members.
When a woman is sexually dissatisfied with it, even the most modest and quiet, these will become sick fantasies. And in them she would be dreaming that she had not experienced ... but she saw or heard.
17 CSE will take on the new rules.
New rules of the CSE discussed at a meeting of Parent Council in the Ministry of Education Region ..
16 11 interesting facts about male orgasm.
Logs are full of articles about female orgasm. Scientists and amateurs argue about how, finally, the women start to feel where the point G, is there a difference between clitoral and vaginal orgazmami.A here male orgasm as much attention as a rule.
16 Sexuality affects the breed.
Sexual partners - even if not the best but still very significant criterion used by women to choose the father of their children ..
16 Khodorkovsky and Putin almost on Shakespeare.
B shown at the Berlin festival "Khodorkovsky" Cyril Carcasses and Koriolane "Rife Fiennes disgraced tycoon became a hero cartoon, as Coriolanus found similarities with Putin ..
16 Stavropol voted the best city in Europe in two categories.
Competition Commission of international competition "The best city of the CIS and EurAsEC Stavropol recognized as the best city in Europe immediately after the two nominations.
16 Judge: The sentence was imposed on Khodorkovsky.
Novaya Gazeta journalist "is" ready to sign "the words assistant Danilkin of pressure on him in the Khodorkovsky case.
15 Posh sex from the perspective of men.
Good sex - one that ends with an orgasm to the mutual satisfaction of both partners. A classy sex ...
15 Prostitutes will clear snow from Petersburg.
Cossacks Petersburg figured out how to purge the city from the snow. In their view, these works should be sent to a woman convicted of prostitution.
15 Since May 1, painkillers can be bought only on prescription.
May 1, all kodeinsoderzhaschie drugs in Russia will be dispensed only by prescription, the director recalled FSKN.
15 In Krasnodar airport man tried to illegally cross the border to ancient coins.
In the Krasnodar airport detained a Russian citizen, who came from Armenia, who tried to carry across the border antique manner with the image of Tsar Nicholas II.
14 Sex dreams of men, or why they should want.
Respondents were offered 22 commonplaces of the plot, inspired by documentaries different degrees of confidence, and given the opportunity to choose several options.
14 Valentine's Day in Russia: they love - not love.
Valentine's Day is observed on Monday in love all over the world. .
14 Ronaldo away from football.
Brazilian footballer Ronaldo said he intends to withdraw from this great sport. Officially, his decision to 34-year-old football player must announce on Monday, February 14. .
14 How much information on the planet Earth?.
The volume of information stored on Earth in 2007 was 295 exabytes (295 billion gigabytes).
14 In Sochi, the director of "Parallel Worlds" owed 160 thousand rubles.
In the Adler district of Sochi, company director, who did not pay employee salaries, was accused on criminal charges.
12 Sex Party Valentine's Day Syatogo - ideas and tips.
Depend on sensory intuition, and turn an ordinary romantic in vivid sex party on Valentine's Day.
12 I hate Valentine's Day or celebrate a holiday without a Valentine.
If you are single, you do not need a tragic cry: "I hate Valentine's Day!", Better yourself to a holiday. .
12 Anastasia Volochkova accused the Kremlin of harassment.
Ballerina against the Kremlin: the program was taken off the air because of Surkov.
11 Male sex fantasies, dreams and reality.
Is the light of happy boys and men: sexy phantoms do not disturb their imagination, they regularly have sex with some one and the woman to enjoy it and quietly fall asleep ..
11 Blowjob lessons for Dummies.
Do you like men. They deserve it. They are harder than us, they need additional rasslabony for life.
How to nurture the desire to do blowjob?.
11 Social network "facebook" close the open registration.
The administration of the social network "facebook" to close an open membership at night from Thursday to Friday.
11 In Pyatigorsk the university recorded the fact of extortion.
In one of the university staff Pyatigorsk Chief Directorate of the Russian Interior Ministry SKFO revealed the fact of corruption. .
10 Volochkova: "I am outraged when I come to church."
I thought that part of being representatives of the Church should be austerity, rather than phones with rhinestones. .
10 Sex with a stranger: the unexpected surprises.
Sometimes you will want new, even extreme feelings in intimate life. For example, such as sex with a stranger ..
09 Valentine's Day: tips and ideas.
How to organize a memorable Valentine's Day? How to please your soul mate? .
09 Krasnodar TRC "City Center" was accused of insulting the image of a nun.
Krasnodar FAS Russia initiated a case against a group of companies "City Center", due to the fact that she used in their advertisements "insulting religious image - flighty nun ..
09 The eighth wonder of the world found at the edge of the Earth.
At the bottom of Lake Rotomahana New Zealand researchers have discovered the remains of unique Quartz Pink Terrace, which is also called the eighth wonder of the world ..
09 Personal Kama Sutra: how to choose a suitable position? .
Want to know what position fits you best? What sex will bring maximum pleasure? Introducing your personal Kama Sutra!.
08 Poses for oral sex.
Oral sex - fantastic fun! As a variety of feelings?.
08 Out of Egypt have taken out three thousand Don tourists.
Of Egypt in Rostov-on-Don, from January 25 to February 4, delivered more than three thousand people ..
08 Don nedodali student knowledge due to lack of gasoline.
In that third-graders Peschanokopskoy secondary school  1 for several days, attended classes, to blame the director, assured the prosecutor of the Rostov region ..
08 Quarantine for influenza is declared in the schools of Stavropol.
Schools Stavropol after a week of February vacation, which, due to a flu epidemic and SARS, have been postponed for a week earlier, introduced a three-day quarantine ..

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